Poll shows Fred Thompson a runaway winner

Yet another poll where Fred Thompson shows strong. Not too shabby for a guy who isn’t even running……..yet?!

Hat tip to Blogs for Thompson.

Blogs for Thompson » Poll shows Fred Thompson a runaway winner

Collects 2-1 margin of victory over nearest runner-up

Republican Fred Thompson, the target of several “draft Fred” for the White House campaigns, easily won a presidential poll conducted by the American Family Association.

The Alabama native was sent to the Senate after winning a 1994 special election in Tennessee to fill the unexpired term of Democrat Al Gore and was re-elected in 1996. He chose in 2002 not to seek re-election and has appeared in several Hollywood productions since.

In the new AFA poll, he collected 24,872 votes for president in a compilation taken just hours before the poll closed at midnight yesterday.

The runner-up was former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with 9,889 votes, while ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was third with 7,877.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was fourth with 6,154; John McCain fifth with 5,090; Mike Huckabee sixth with 3,179; Sam Brownback seventh with 3,051; Tom Tancredo eighth with 2,060; and Ron Paul ninth with 1,884.

The leading Democrat in the poll was John Edwards, in 10th with 1,780 votes, and he was followed by fellow party members Barack Obama with 1,414 and Hillary Clinton with 1,108.

Republican Duncan Hunter was in 13th with 639, Tommy Thompson of the GOP was 14th with 475, Democrat Bill Richardson 15th with 162, Republican Jim Gilmore 16th with 109, Democrat Joe Biden 17th with 69, Republican Chuck Hagel 18th with 62 and Democrat Chris Dodd last with 12.



  1. Mr. Thompson had my vote at hello. Run Fred run!!! He’s our man.


  2. AFA is great, but Fred Thompson needs to declare soon. Learn more about the Fred Thompson at http://www.anotherRonaldReagan.com

  3. Great sign because a candidate leading the poll of an intolerant, bigoted religious groups will never win.

  4. I sure hope Fred sees all of our support and RUNS!

    RUN FRED RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lisa Stepanski, NY

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