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  1. You may find this piece on al-Qaida’s simultaneous problems in Iraq and Pakistan interesting.


  2. http://bobmccarty.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/reporter-omits-any-mention-of-possible-terror-links/

    Report Fails to Ask if Indicted Men Have Terror Ties
    May 1st, 2007

    In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article today, reporter Robert Patrick opened with this paragraph:

    Eight men have been indicted on charges that they were involved in two conspiracies to buy and sell fully automatic weapons, a Claymore anti-personnel mine and other explosives, the U.S. Attorney’s office said today.

    In the paragraphs that followed, he went on to list the names and charges of the individuals involved. Nowhere, however, in the article, did Patrick address — or even raise the question about – the nationalities or countries of origin of any of the individuals charged. Had their last names been Anderson, Jones, Smith or Thompson, I can understand his failure to mention nationalities. In this case, however, five of the eight arrested had names that an ordinary citizen might believe warrant explanation: Mousa M. Abuelawi, Mohamed Judeh, Hussein Ali Nure, Thaer Abde Sumad and Abdikarin Warsame.

    While this blogger has no evidence to suggest any of the above-named individuals — or any of the others arrested — have ties to terrorist organizations, the fact that individuals with names like these were arrested on serious weapons charges should be enough to at least raise the question. Unfortunately, reporter Patrick has not yet been told about the War on Terror.

    Bob McCarty Writes™ will follow this one. Developing…

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