Word of the Day

Apparently, this word seems to hold negative connotations for some folks. Hopefully, we can clear that up.

prim·i·tiv·ism –noun

1. a recurrent theory or belief, as in philosophy or art, that the qualities of primitive or chronologically early cultures are superior to those of contemporary civilization.
2. the state of being primitive: the primitivism of the Stone Age peoples.
3. the qualities or style characterizing primitive art.

  1. The condition or quality of being primitive.
  2. The style characteristic of a primitive artist.
    1. A belief that it is best to live simply and in a natural environment.
    2. A belief that the acquisitions of civilization are evil or that the earliest period of human history was the best.

Word of the Day

Almost daily I come across an individual who misuses a word.  I’d like to use this feature to highlight the most common.  I’ll also try to add words that seem to be easily misinterpreted.

So here goes….

largess; noun

1. generous bestowal of gifts.
2. the gift or gifts, as of money, so bestowed.
3. Obsolete. generosity; liberality.