‘Tiny Bubbles’ singer Don Ho dies at 76

In Memory of Don Ho. Rest in Peace Bruddha.

‘Tiny Bubbles’ singer Don Ho dies at 76 – Yahoo! News

HONOLULU – Legendary crooner

Don Ho, who entertained tourists for decades wearing raspberry-tinted sunglasses and singing the catchy signature tune “Tiny Bubbles,” has died. He was 76.

He died Saturday morning of heart failure, publicist Donna Jung said.

Ho had suffered with heart problems for the past several years, and had a pacemaker installed last fall. In 2005, he underwent an experimental stem cell procedure on his ailing heart in Thailand.

Promoter Tom Moffatt said he attended Ho’s final show Thursday and Ho received a standing ovation. Afterward, Ho reminisced about his many years in Waikiki and talked about how Judy Garland sang with him one night.

“Don was in great spirits,” he said. “He was fine.”

Ho entertained Hollywood’s biggest stars and thousands of tourists for four decades. For many, no trip to Hawaii was complete without seeing his Waikiki show — a mix of songs, jokes, double entendres, Hawaii history and audience participation.

Shows usually started and ended with the same song, “Tiny Bubbles.” Ho mostly hummed the song’s swaying melody as the audience enthusiastically took over the familiar lyrics: “Tiny bubbles/in the wine/make me happy/make me feel fine.”

“I hate that song,” he often joked to the crowd. He said he performed it twice because “people my age can’t remember if we did it or not.”

CBS fires Don Imus from radio show

The End of Imus… 

CBS fires Don Imus from radio show – Yahoo! News

NEW YORK – CBS fired Don Imus from his radio show Thursday, the finale to a stunning fall for one of the nation’s most prominent broadcasters.

Imus initially was suspended for two weeks for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos” on the air last week, but outrage continued to grow and advertisers bolted from his programs.

“There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society,” CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves said in announcing the decision. “That consideration has weighed most heavily on our minds as we made our decision.”

Timberlake Fed Up With Gossip Magazines

Hollywood types are such bogus posers.  Look here…

Justin Timberlake blames celebrity magazines for turning his personal life into juicy gossip fodder. “I despise what they do,” the 26-year- old singer tells Details magazine in an interview in its April issue. Timberlake Fed Up With Gossip Magazines

NEW YORK (AP) – Justin Timberlake blames celebrity magazines for turning his personal life into juicy gossip fodder. “I despise what they do,” the 26-year- old singer tells Details magazine in an interview in its April issue. “They create soap operas out of people’s lives. … It’s a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it.” That includes not dishing any dirt about former girlfriends Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz.

“I would never say anything bad about anyone. I love a lot of those people,” says Timberlake, whose latest album is “FutureSex/LoveSounds.”

Diaz and Timberlake, who had dated since 2003, confirmed their split in January. Timberlake’s relationship with Spears ended in 2002. They were a high-profile couple for three years.

Timberlake, a former member of boy bandN Sync, released his debut solo album, “Justified,” in 2002. The album won a Grammy Award.

“I tried so hard to be an R&B artist and it was the pop album of the year. … That’s the last thing I wanted,” Timberlake says. “But I was like, `So everyone considers me a pop artist? … I’m going to do whatever I want to do.'”

Timberlake took home a trophy as favorite male singer Saturday night in the raucous, slime-drenched 20th Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Viacom International Inc.’s Nickelodeon channel.

The show began with Timberlake descending from the ceiling on a large orange Nickelodeon blimp and breaking into a Broadway show tune in which he taunted the audience, saying he was too famous to be slimed.

“You’ll never get a drop of slime on old J.T.,” he sang.

Taylor Hicks Tickets: $140 !!!

The ‘American Idol” effect in play when it comes to concert tickets…

As if all the fever surrounding Idol Antonella Barba wasn’t enough to make your head explode…Now this!!

My wife was checking out shows coming to the area this summer. Lawn tickets for Taylor Hicks are $140. For LAWN!!

So, by the time you pay to park, you’re down $300 a couple to listen to Taylor frickin Hicks. That’s a car payment and I haven’t had a beer, yet. We surfed around and other acts who have actually sold some records and won some Grammy awards are similarly priced. But what happened to the day when you could see a second tier act at a reasonable price? Last summer we saw Craig Morgan for $16 a piece. And he actually had a couple top ten songs at the time.

I remember as a teen going to the first Monsters of Rock Tour. Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica and Van Hagar for $35.

This summer I took my daughter to the Virgin Mobile Tour. The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers for $100.

So here’s what I’m trying to wrap my head around….

For $135 I saw:

Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica, Van Hagar, The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers…A ten band line-up with who knows how many albums sold and Grammy Awards.

For another $5 or $140, I could see…

Taylor Hicks.

I don’t think so.

Bald Britney Makes Headlines, Late Night Visits To Hair Salon, Tattoo Shop Widely Reported – The ShowBuzz

Very much like the Anna Nicole story….The world is abuzz over a young single mother who is too busy catering to her self esteem issues to tend properly to her children. Go home and read to your kids Britney!!

Bald Britney Makes Headlines, Late Night Visits To Hair Salon, Tattoo Shop Widely Reported – The ShowBuzz
(CBS) Pictures of Britney Spears with a shaved head and reports of her Friday night visits to a California hair salon and tattoo parlor are rivaling Anna Nicole Smith headlines in the tabloids.

The pop singer and mother of two appeared Friday night in a tattoo parlor in the San Fernando Valley with her head shaved completely bald.

Video on KABC-TV showed the newly-shorn Spears with tiny tattoos on the back of her neck as she sits Friday night for a new tattoo: a pair of red and pink lips.

Kenny Chesney says… Gay rumors are false.

I’ve always been a Kenny Chesney fan. His music reminds me of Jimmy Buffet. Looking forward to his ’60 Minutes’ interview.


(CBS) In his first comments about his annulment from Renee Zellweger, Kenny Chesney explains why the word “fraud” was checked on the separation document and denies the gay rumors it fueled.

The music star talks to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a report for 60 Minutes this Sunday, Feb. 18, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Chesney and Zellweger married just four months after they met in January 2005 and split four months later.


Photos: Kenny Chesney Photos: Renee Zellweger

“The only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like … that I really understood what it was like to be married, and I really didn’t,” Chesney tells Cooper. “We thought the least harmful (stated reason) was fraud because it (is) kind of broad … doesn’t specify. And boy … we were wrong.”

They were wrong because the word “fraud” fueled rumors that Chesney was gay, especially because it was Zellweger who checked it and she also asked for an annulment rather than a divorce.

“It’s not true. Period. Maybe I should have come out and said no, I’m not (gay), but I didn’t want to draw any more attention to it … I didn’t have to prove to anybody that I wasn’t (gay) … I didn’t feel like I really did,” says Chesney.

Despite the rumors, he has no regrets, he says.

“Not at all. Not one bit,” he tells Cooper. “Even though I’d sit here and say I wish we’d gotten divorced instead of all that annulment stuff and saved me a lot of public humiliation … I still don’t have any regrets. I loved her, you know? And it was real.”

In the profile, Chesney also discusses his music, his small-town upbringing and the secret way the performer is delivered to the stage for his concerts.

Dixie Chicks sweep Grammy Awards – and can kiss my ass!!!!

This story is the epitome of how the the left in Hollywood and the media are so pervasive in the manipulation of what is perceived as the pulse of America. For the last three years, Natalie Maines (or whatever her fucking name is) and her crappy little band have been rejected by their commercial audience. This is entirely caused by their choice to alienate their core constuency by refusing to understand their values and motivations. In the real world, the choices of the Dixie Chicks have caused them much pain and financial hardship. A lesson that should be heeded. Entities that engage in activities for profit must understand the needs, wants, desires and motivations of those that consume their product. But last night they were emotionally bailed out by the 11,000 voting members of the recording academy (roughly .004% of Americans).

However, in the alternate reality that is the media and Hollywood elite, the real world economic factors no longer apply. In an era where entertainment puveyors have become convinced that they can drive policy, validating the sentiment of those like the Dixie Chicks has become paramount over stark economic realities. I don’t mention this because I disagree with the views of Natalie…whatever. I mention it because it is yet another symptom of the paradigm shift in American society.

Increasingly, industries whose sole aim was to return a decent profit to their shareholders have entered into the political arena. These folks are championed by high profile baby boomer types and Hollywood elites with their eyes set on social change. Hey, advocating social change is awesome. But when it comes at the price of the principles of capitalism, I find it troubling.

Many will argue that capitalism has many flaws. And I’m willing to argue those points. But, to date, it’s the best thing we have going. And when for profit entities opt to forgo profits to make a political statement, I grow concerned. Americans have had the power to vote with their pocketbook for generations. Last night showed that precedent is changing.

Dixie Chicks sweep Grammy Awards – 2007 Grammy Awards – MSNBC.com
LOS ANGELES – The Dixie Chicks completed a defiant comeback on Sunday night, winning five Grammy awards after being shunned by the country music establishment over the group’s anti-Bush comments leading up to the Iraq invasion.

The Texas trio won record and song of the year for the no-regrets anthem “Not Ready to Make Nice.” They also won best country album, which was especially ironic considering that the group says they don’t consider themselves country artists anymore.

“I’m ready to make nice!” lead singer Natalie Maines exclaimed as the group accepted the album of the year award. “I think people are using their freedom of speech with all these awards. We get the message.”