The internet is the devil.

Here is what amazes me.  I started this little blog almost a year ago. It hasn’t had a new post in 11 months. And yet, with no relevant or newsworthy content in almost a year, it still gets 40-50 visits a day.  For crying out loud!!! The damn thing was only active for 3-4 months.

That ought to show you the evil in the internet.  It captures every letter and every keyword.  Years and years after something was published, some idiot with a search engine will site some internet source as the validation for his/her current belief set.  Nevermind that the original content may have never been researched and cited,  But, even if it were, it may have been refuted by intelligent argument 1000 times over.

but that won’t stop some “web-expert” from using it to build some strawman case for his/her ill informed position on this or that.

I am unsure if this makes me sad for humanity or not.



  1. The internet is a tool, just like a hammer it can be used constructively or to paralyze.

  2. At first I thought that pornography would be the woman that the Bible talks about in Revelations who would be with every man, but instead now I see that it is the Internet.

    The internet is a living being. It is the beast. Enough said really.

  3. or the internet is just another peice of technology used for informational purposes….just sayin, it could be that too

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