The death Cult of Hamas


People are trying to ensure free and open elections can take place.  And Hamas vows to kill them.  Yet Nancy Pelosi thinks we should just talk to these people.  Get real. 

The armed wing of Hamas has rejected calls by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, for the deployment of international troops in the Gaza Strip, vowing to attack them like other “occupation forces”.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement on Saturday: “We will only receive these forces with shells and rockets.”


In talks on Friday with Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, Abbas had called for deployment of international forces into Gaza where Hamas routed his forces on June 15.


Early electionsAbbas had said that the deployment of foreign troops was necessary to provide security for early parliamentary and presidential elections that he plans to organise in the coming months.

Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas spokesman, said talks about elections at the present time will not solve the crisis facing Palestinians.        Hamad did however say that Hamas has no issues with holding elections if all Palestinian factions agree to it.

90 killed in Gaza: No outrage at all.

This is an outrage.  Where is Human Rights Watch?  Why has not the U.N. issued sanctions.  Why aren’t there all kinds of Reuters’ photos displaying the carnage for all the world to see?  I mean 90 people were killed.  Not injured, killed!  That’s 10 sets of 9 people.  Heck 90 deaths in a day rivals of month of US troops in Iraq.  Why is there no outrage?…

Oh yeah, the Jews weren’t involved.  It’s OK when Muslims kill Muslims or Muslims kill Jews and Christians.  It’s just not OK when ANYONE ELSE kills Muslims. 

Mah bad! Nothing to see here.  Please move along. 

Still, victorious Hamas supporters vented their rage at Fatah.

Hundreds of people swarmed through the unoccupied house of Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan after his neighborhood fell to Hamas, stripping everything, including windows, doors and flowerpots.

A resident of a Hamas-dominated neighborhood, identifying himself only as Yousef for fear of reprisal by his neighbors, said Gazans would always back the winner, regardless of ideology.

“Today everybody is with Hamas because Hamas won the battle. If Fatah had won the battle they’d be with Fatah. We are a hungry people, we are with whoever gives us a bag of flour and a food coupon,” said Yousef, 30. “Me, I’m with God and a bag of flour.”

Outside Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, taxi driver Nader Susi, 31, sat on the curb, puffing on a cigarette. “I don’t know what’s coming,” he said. “I think I will make even less money now.”

Inside the hospital, the morgue was overflowing, with four bodies lying on the ground. More than 90 people were killed in the fighting, including four Fatah militiamen executed on the street late Thursday, after the Hamas victory. Some Fatah officials had fled by boat, according to Fatah sources.

Fatah forces collapsed under the onslaught by Hamas, which showed superior organization and motivation. One by one, Hamas seized Fatah’s security installations and marched once-feared Fatah fighters down the street shirtless and with hands raised.

The Palestinian territories are in effect split in two. Gaza is now controlled by Hamas, which has close ties to Syria and Iran . The more populous West Bank is dominated by the more moderate Fatah, which has ties to Israel and the West.

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Seperation of Church and State repealed in NY

What the heck is going on in NY?  I should know better than to ask.  I could go over all the basic points here.  But they are glaringly obvious.  I won’t wait for the ACLU to show up.   Cowards.  


By Melanie Pritchard

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In December, 1992, parents and students in the Williamsville School District protested the elimination of religious music and symbols in schools. A letter sent Monday to parents of sixth graders at Mill Middle school about a class trip is stirring up the controversy again. “We don’t have Christmas in school, we don’t have Easter, we don’t have Halloween. All that stuff’s been taken out.”
On Wednesday, the students will visit the Universal School and Islamic Community Center on Heim Road and the Hindu Cultural Center on French Road. The letter says the trip is meant to “develop a broader understanding of these religions’ beliefs and worship practices.”
A dad who wants to remain anonymous says his son won’t be going on the trip. He wonders why parents were given just two days notice, when they typically get at least a week. He also questions the destinations. “You just happened to pick two of them that everybody wants to be politically correct with. You didn’t pick a church, you didn’t go to the Jewish center.”
“In the Williamsville School District, there are so many different religions,” said Heather Neuss, Co-President of the Mill Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association. “So I think they’re just learning about what some of their friends believe.” Neuss says no one raised any objections last Fall when the PTSA discussed and approved a request to help fund this field trip. “As far as the PTSA goes, it’s the bridge from the community to the school. So it was fine as far as we were concerned.”
The letter to parents also says girls must wear a scarf while visiting the Islamic Community Center. School officials call a sign of respect, but this dad says it’s going too far. “To me this is more of an indoctrination into a religion than teaching.”
The school district did not want to comment on the issue.

‘Let’s talk’ with militant Muslims.

Certainly grown men who spout hatred and violence, then send their women and children to do the dirty work must be reasonable and sane people.  Wake Up and get your head out of the sand folks! When it becomes OK to strap bombs to your wives and daughters, we don’t really have a whole lot to talk about.  And don’t feed me any bull about how ‘she may have acted alone’.  This is militant Islam, women don’t go to the store alone.  So they certainly don’t decide to commit martyrdom, acquire the explosives to do so, then walk across town to the police station, ALONE! 

BAGHDAD – Alert guards gunned down a black-clad woman at a police recruiting station Tuesday, a would-be suicide bomber who then exploded before their eyes. But another bomber succeeded, detonating an explosives-laden car at a checkpoint in Ramadi and killing six policemen.

The U.S. commander here acknowledged sectarian violence was on the rise.

Meanwhile, the U.S. command insisted it would continue the search for two abducted U.S. soldiers despite the release of a video Monday by insurgents linked to al-Qaida claiming they had killed the two, along with a third missing soldier whose body was found previously.

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Britons get life for plotting al Qaeda bombing spree


Britons get life for plotting al Qaeda bombing spree – Yahoo! News

LONDON (Reuters) – A judge jailed five Britons for life on Monday for plotting to carry out al Qaeda-inspired bomb attacks across Britain at targets ranging from nightclubs to trains and a shopping centre.

“The sentences are for life. Release is not a foregone conclusion. Some or all of you may never be released,” judge Michael Astill told the court.

“You are considered cruel, ruthless misfits by society.”

The gang planned to use 600 kg (1,300 lb) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to make explosives to be used in bombings in revenge for Britain’s support for the United States in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, prosecutors said.

Court papers, which could only be detailed after the trial, showed police observing the gang had established links between them and two of four British Islamists who later carried out suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005, killing 52 people.

Spies had seen Mohammed Sidique Khan, the suspected ringleader of the July 7 bombings, and accomplice Shehzad Tanweer with the men in the days leading up to their arrest but discounted them because they were not involved in the plot.

Opposition parties and survivors of the bombings demanded a public inquiry into the July 7 attacks in response to the news.

The government praised the police for their work.

“Five dangerous terrorists are now behind bars thanks to the hard work of our police and security services,” Home Secretary (Interior Minister) John Reid told reporters. “It’s not the first time they have averted a very serious threat to life in this country. This is an endless task, it is a continuing one.”

Counter-terrorism experts said the gang could have produced a “formidable weapon” more powerful than some of the devices used in recent devastating attacks around the world.

“It was the first time since 9/11 that British people were attempting to commit mass murder in the UK,” said one senior detective, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The only sensible conclusion is that al Qaeda does sit behind it,” he told reporters.

Stalked by family honor, some Muslim women hide

I guess we’re supposed to be tolerant of this because it’s just a ‘religious’ and ‘cultural’ difference. 

Stalked by family honor, some Muslim women hide – Yahoo! News

BERLIN (Reuters) – Fidan, her hair dyed blonde, is in hiding from her husband, who she says beats and rapes her. She is terrified her family will kill her if she goes home to eastern Turkey.

Back in Anatolia, the 19-year old’s relatives believe she has brought shame on them by leaving her 50-year old Turkish husband, who is also in Germany.

She will not say exactly where he is.

“I won’t go back. I am afraid. Death awaits me there,” said Fidan, nervously biting her fingers and fiddling with her long hair. She has only basic German language skills and her lawyer interprets her broken sentences from Turkish.

Dressed in scruffy jeans and a red anorak, she looks like any other 19-year old Turkish girl living in Germany.

But Fidan is alone in Berlin, looking for a job and understanding little of what goes on around her. She says she has no friends and, with a cover name to prevent her husband finding her, she has even lost her identity.

Worst of all, she fears becoming an ‘honor-killing’ victim.

Condemned by many Islamic leaders, honor crimes are motivated by a desire to defend narrow traditionalist ideas of family reputation. They are a blight on Muslim communities in Europe — in Britain, Germany and Sweden — as well as in Islamic countries.

United Nations‘ bodies have said about 5,000 women die in honor killings globally every year. Many more commit suicide. But little is done to discourage the practice, which in Europe is hardly discussed.

“The family’s honor depends on the woman and if it is damaged, the woman is destroyed,” said Evrim Baba, who represents the far-left Linke party in Berlin’s city parliament. She is a Kurd who came to Germany when she was 11.

“Many girls in immigrant communities are trapped in rigid patriarchal structures and live in fear of their families.”

In Germany, which has the second largest Muslim population in western Europe after France, 55 attempted honor killings took place between 1996 and 2005, say police.

A case last year propelled the issue into the headlines.

A man of Turkish descent was jailed for shooting dead his sister at a Berlin bus stop after she left her husband to live alone. His brothers were acquitted of conspiracy to murder.


Cases like this eat at Fidan, who grew up in rural a village in Turkey’s region of Anatolia where cultural traditions still play a big role.

“I didn’t have a childhood. All I remember is beating and subjugation,” she said. “I have no happy memories.”

At 14, she was betrothed to a cousin. When she said she did not want to marry him, Fidan was beaten. Only after she took handfuls of pills, hoping to die, was the marriage called off.

Rumors started circulating the engagement was cancelled because she had lost her virginity, a charge Fidan denied but which would also damage her family’s honor.

Relatives threatened her, saying “bad girls” tended to drown or fall off a mountainside, but eventually they found a man in Germany who would marry her.

To prove she was a virgin, Fidan says, she was raped on her wedding night. The blood-stained sheets were ripped from the bed to be inspected by relatives waiting at the door.

Fidan, unwilling to talk about these painful memories, rubs her forehead and lowers her gaze as her lawyer tells the story.

After about four months of continual beatings and rape she fled, encouraged by her German teacher.

Her husband says if he finds her he will report Fidan to the authorities to be sent back to Turkey.

“The message from Turkey is: something had better happen to you en route, or you will die here,” said Fidan’s lawyer Canan Bayram.

All Fidan wants now is to build a life in Germany.

“God willing, I can be happy here. I want to find a job and a flat, but no husband, no children,” said Fidan with a smile.


But it isn’t easy.

Fidan, who wants to take her husband to court for beating and raping her, has to wait another year before she can act without risk of deportation.

In Germany, immigrant women have to be married for two years before they can divorce and stay in the country independently.

A ruling in Frankfurt last month highlighted the conflicting attitudes which enable honor crimes to continue, say Muslim women. A judge refused a quick divorce to a battered wife of Moroccan descent saying it was not unusual for a man with a Moroccan background to physically punish his wife.

“Women need greater legal protection,” said Bayram.

“The EU and Germany are helping women in forced prostitution and people-trafficking, but little is being done about protecting women from honor crimes.”

Many women say the failure of Germany, home to about 3.2 million Muslims, to face up to honor crimes is a result of the lack of an integration policy in the past followed by half-hearted attempts to engage with Muslim communities.

Most of Germany’s 2.5 million people of Turkish origin are “guest workers” and their descendants, whose labor helped fuel the post-war economic miracle.

“There was no integration policy for decades and parallel societies developed,” said lawmaker Baba. “Many immigrants reverted to traditional systems.”

As fears grew about the radicalization of disillusioned young Muslims, politicians decided a couple of years ago they had to improve integration and engaged with Islamic groups.

But issues like honor killings are barely mentioned.

“It is preposterous that by not discussing such murders, the government is damaging the future of thousands of girls,” said Arzu Toker, of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims

Change of Plans for “The Surge”.

Short-Term “Surge” May Be Long-Term, Pentagon Said To Prepare Extended U.S. Troop Buildup, Unless Iraqi Leaders Fail To Meet Security Targets – CBS News
(CBS/AP) The Pentagon is laying the groundwork to extend the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq. At the same time, the administration is warning Iraqi leaders that the boost in forces could be reversed if political reconciliation is not evident by summer.

This approach underscores the central difficulty facing President Bush. If political progress is not possible in the relatively short term, then the justification for sending thousands more U.S. troops to Baghdad — and accepting the rising U.S. combat death toll that has resulted — will disappear. That in turn would put even more pressure on Bush to yield to the Democratic-led push to wind down the war in coming months.

If the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki does manage to achieve the political milestones demanded by Washington, then the U.S. military probably will be told to sustain the troop buildup much longer than originally foreseen — possibly well into 2008. Thus the early planning for keeping it up beyond late summer.

More than half of the extra 21,500 combat troops designated for Baghdad duty have arrived; the rest are due by June. Already it is evident that putting them in the most hotly contested parts of the capital is taking a toll. An average of 22 U.S. troops have died per week in April, the highest rate so far this year.

“This is certainly a price that we’re paying for this increased security,” Adm. William Fallon, the senior U.S. commander in the Middle East, told a House committee Wednesday. He also said the United States does not have “a ghost of a chance” of success in Iraq unless it can create “stability and security.”

The idea of the troop increase, originally billed by the administration as a temporary “surge,” is not to defeat the insurgency. That is not thought possible in the near-term. The purpose is to contain the violence — in particular, the sect-on-sect killings in Baghdad — long enough to create an environment in which Iraqi political leaders can move toward conciliation and ordinary Iraqis are persuaded of a viable future.

So far the results are mixed, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates said this week during a visit to Iraq that he wants to see faster political progress by the Iraqis. “The clock is ticking,” he said, referring to the limited time the administration can pursue its strategy before the American public demands an end to the war.

Gates also said he told al-Maliki that the United States will not keep fighting indefinitely.

Iraq war is ‘lost’: US Democrat leader

I’m disgusted by Harry Reid.  My only solice is the fact that I and my children will out live the current generation of Vietnam era defeatists, hippies and closet communists.  With hard work and luck we can hope to repair the half century of damage that they have caused our once great nation.  I did a report in 8th grade U.S. History entitled “The value crisis of the 60s”.  How poignant those yellowed six or so pages seem to me now.  

Iraq war is ‘lost’: US Democrat leader

The war in Iraq “is lost” and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Congress, Harry Reid, said Thursday. “I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,” Reid told journalists.

Reid said he had delivered the same message to US President George W. Bush on Wednesday, when the US president met with senior lawmakers to discuss how to end a standoff over an emergency war funding bill.

“I know I was the odd guy out at the White House, but I told him at least what he needed to hear … I believe the war at this stage can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically.”

Congress is seeking to tie funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a timetable to withdraw US troops from Iraq next year, but Bush has vowed to veto any such bill and no breakthrough was reported from the White House talks.

Bush on Thursday was addressing an Ohio town hall meeting and defending the war on terror launched in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

“It is the most solemn duty of our country, is to protect our country from harm,” Bush told the invited audience in Tipp, Ohio.

“A lesson learned was that — at least in my opinion — that in order to protect us, we must aggressively pursue the enemy and defeat them elsewhere so that we do not have to face them here.”

But Reid drew a parallel with former US president Lyndon Johnson who decided to deploy more troops in Vietnam some 40 years ago when 24,000 US troops had already been killed.

“Johnson did not want a war loss on his watch, so he surged in Vietnam. After the surge was over, we added 34,000 to the 24,000 who died in Vietnam,” Reid said.

Polygamous husbands entitled to welfare for all spouses in UK

OK. Now you know why there is a Europe Sucks category on this blog. First Britain is going to stop teaching the Crusades and the Holocaust because that might offend ‘Muslims’. Now they are going to support the wives of bigamists. Now, they’ll only support the wives of bigamists who originate from countries where bigamy is accepted, of course. Hmmm, which countries would those be? Muslim countries you morons!!!! Welcome to the inculcation of Sharia in Europe, my friends. The next generations of Brits will look at this as old hat.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Polygamous husbands entitled to welfare for all spouses in UK

Even though bigamy is, of course, illegal. Like Steyn says, who’s assimilating whom?

Officials said yesterday a review was now under way into whether the state should continue to pay out income support, jobseeker’s allowance and housing and council tax benefits to ‘extra’ spouses…

[I]f a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country where polygamy is legal, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly…

A DWP official insisted the rules did not “reward” polygamy, as second wives receive less in benefits than single women. A single person can claim just under £60 per week in jobseeker’s allowance, while couples receive up to £92.80, but each ‘additional spouse’ in a polygamous marriage receives an extra £33.65.

Alas, if you’re native born, you’re not entitled to money for flouting British custom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still flout it:

Muslim couples are only married in the eyes of the state if they undergo a register office wedding as well as a Nikah, or religious ceremony.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said it was quite common for men here to undergo more than one Nikah with different wives. This does not count as bigamy since only the first marriage is legally recognised.

I say, let ‘em get paid. After all, they’re the best darned citizens in the UK.

Hat tip to Hot Air.

Militants hit U.S. targets in Morocco

More terrorism in North Africa. 

Militants hit U.S. targets in Morocco – World – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

CASABLANCA, Morocco — Two brothers blew themselves up outside American offices yesterday, marking the third terrorist attack since Tuesday in what bears the hallmarks of a new al Qaeda campaign in North Africa.
The attack yesterday, which injured one woman, followed the self-inflicted deaths of three militants in Casablanca on Tuesday and a pair of suicide car bombings Wednesday in neighboring Algeria that killed 33 persons.
The U.S. Embassy in Algeria warned Americans on Friday to be on guard against further attacks.
The bombings have stoked new fears of Islamic extremism in the two counties, both of which have allied themselves with the United States in its fight against terrorism.
But the attacks yesterday — one just outside an American cultural center and the other about 200 yards from the U.S. Consulate in Casablanca, were the first to be directed against obvious American targets.
The blasts occurred about 20 seconds apart. The bombers were identified as Mohammed Maha, who was born in 1975 and had no previous record, and his brother, Omar Maha, who was born in 1984 and was wanted in connection with Tuesday’s explosions.
Police arrested a third bomber as he tried to flee the scene in a fashionable district of the port city.
“He threw down his explosives belt and ran away. Police chased him and caught him,” said the owner of a coffee shop in the neighborhood, who declined to be identified.
A security official told the Reuters news agency that police subsequently arrested the leaders of the group behind the explosions yesterday and Tuesday.