Karl Rove raps-“I’m MC Rove”

This is easily the most pathetic display of whiteness I have ever seen. I’m quite ashamed to be both white and Republican at this point. Watch the whole debacle unfold in the pod viewer located to the right of the page.

Surprise! Columbia thugs wrist-slapped for rushing Minutemen during speech; Update: Stiffer punishments for three more students

Here’s an update from Hot Air on the Columbia debacle.  Make sure to click through to Hot and and get all the video. 

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Surprise! Columbia thugs wrist-slapped for rushing Minutemen during speech; Update: Stiffer punishments for three more students

posted at 12:18 pm on March 28, 2007 by Allahpundit

They’re gloating about it, too. Evan Coyne Maloney, call your office.

A number of students who rushed the stage during Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist’s Oct. 4 speech at Columbia received letters yesterday informing them that they would be punished with “disciplinary warnings” for their conduct at the event.

Three students-one of whom received the verdict more than a month ago-confirmed yesterday that they were charged with simple violations of the University’s Rules of Conduct. The resulting warnings, which will be notated on students’ transcripts and remain there until the end of 2008, are the lowest of four possible outcomes for those found to be in violation of the rules. Disciplinary warnings place no financial or academic constraints on the person charged and state “that future violations will be treated more seriously.”

“It’s a light punishment, it’s a slap on the wrist,” Monique Dols, GS, who was given a disciplinary warning, said. “It’s a victory for free speech and anti-racism.”…

[One] student, Andrew Tillet-Saks, CC ‘09 was also found to have engaged “in conduct that places another in danger of bodily harm.”…

“I’m glad they [the Minutemen] are outraged. They get press from whining, but an impression of strength is more important in the long run for a vigilante group which thrives on intimidating immigrants, and this verdict, like the protest, helps subvert that,” Judd said.

The irony is fragrant. Stinnnngs the nostrils.

Thanks to Weasel Zippers for the tip. Below you’ll find the video that started it all. Make sure you watch this clip, too, if you haven’t seen it before, to see what Dols means by “anti-racism.”

Update: Thanks to Alex K. for catching this. Still not exactly a stiff sentence, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The University has censured at least three students for their disruption of an Oct. 4, 2006 protest by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, one of the implicated students confirmed Tuesday. The disclosure, which came one day after it was revealed that three students had received lesser disciplinary warnings, signifies the harshest known punishment for any of the protest participants to date…

According to the Rules of University Conduct, censure is a step up in severity from a disciplinary warning. If a censured student is found in violation of the rules a second time, he or she is automatically suspended from the University for at least a semester or, if the violation is serious, is expelled…

In addition to an automatic suspension or expulsion for any future offenses, a censure remains on a student’s record until the student completes a degree or certificate.

Sean Penn’s angry Rant.

Click the link for the full story at SFGate. Audio will be in the pod viewer. Full story and embedded audio are on our homepage. EDIT: While the audio is being uploaded, you can also listen here.

Actor Penn, Rep. Lee appear at town hall meeting on Iraq war / Hundreds gather in Oakland to discuss how to get U.S. troops home

18:20 PDT OAKLAND — Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn was the star attraction at a town hall meeting today in Oakland, where hundreds of people gathered to denounce the war in Iraq and call for an immediate withdrawal of American troops.

Neither Penn nor Rep. Barbara Lee, the Oakland Democrat who has opposed the war since before it began four years ago, offered much in the way of specifics for ending the conflict, and they were largely preaching to the choir. The enthusiastic and occasionally boisterous crowd of 800 or so crammed into the Grand Lake Theatre wildly cheered as Penn excoriated President Bush.

“You and your smarmy pundits — and the smarmy pundits you have in your pocket — can take your war and shove it,” Penn said. “Let’s unite not only in stopping this war, but in holding this administration accountable.”

The town hall meeting came six days after peace marches were held nationwide to mark the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and one day after the House of Representatives voted 218-212 to withdraw combat troops by Sept. 1, 2008.

Penn reiterated a point often made by opponents of the war when he said he supports the troops but opposes the war.

“Let’s make this crystal clear: We do support our troops, but not the exploitation of them and their families,” he said. “The money that’s spent on this war would be better spent on building levees in New Orleans and health care in Africa and care for our veterans. Iraq is not our toilet. It’s a country of human beings whose lives that were once oppressed by Saddam are now in Dante’s Inferno.”


(03/20/2007) CODEPINK’s Desiree Fairooz interrupts Hillary Clinton Fundraiser with the “Why, Why, Hillary Why?” song to the tune of “American Pie” as another CODEPINK protester Jodie Evans gets dragged out by 3-4 secret service officers.

Video Here.

Awesome Video!!!!

Damn I love seeing bad guys get blowed the hell up!! The video is from The Jawa Report…sorry, it’s embedded, so click to go there and check it out. Great stuff! -Thanks TJR!

Video Here

Kentucky Fried Hillary

Too Funny!! We’ve added Shillary’s terrible attempt at a Southern drawl to the video viewer. We’ll file it under pandering for fun and profit.

YouTube – Why people think Americans are stupid

YouTube – Why people think Americans are stupid

Video: President Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Ann Coulter

This is Hilarious!!!!! 

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: President Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Ann Coulter
Video: President Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Ann Coulter
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Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter play President and Vice President on Fox News’ new satirical television show premiering Sunday Night at 10pm Eastern: