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    Lying in the tall grass looking up at the clear blue sky Echok dreamed of the time when he would be the one to bring down a mammoth. He had been on several hunts in this his first season of manhood, but he had not yet distinguished himself. He was a prince of his tribe and yet he had done nothing in his young life to prove his manhood.

    Suddenly Echok’s day dreaming was interrupted by the sounds of screaming from the nearby camp, he jumped to his feet and started to run in the direction of the noise. As he got closer he could hear the screams of the woman and children, where were the men folk he thought. Stooping low in the brush at the edge of camp Echok saw what had befallen his people, the others; a race of sub-humans had attacked the encampment and subdued all the men. Those that weren’t dead on the ground were secured in hastily constructed bamboo cages. The carnage was widespread and the wild Neanderthals were already slicing up their kill and preparing to eat the raw flesh of Echok’s kinsmen.

    The woman a children who had been temporarily spared the fate of their men folk, had been rounded up and tied together in groups, the camp had been destroyed and Echok could think of nothing he could do to help his people.

    That night Echok slept alone and fitfully, images of the day’s massacre crept into his dreams. In the tiny babbling stream just beyond where he had laid down for the night he heard the helpless cries of his people and the ruckus laughter of the animal men who had taken everything from him, he was alone now and a man alone in the wilderness is very vulnerable.

    At sunrise Echok realized that he had to find what remained of the tribe and free them, he ate what food he had and started out to track the Neanderthals. It didn’t take him long to find their direction in the soft clay of the valley floor, there were a lot of prints; he recognized those of the woman and children but where were the men? Echok studied the prints of the Neanderthals, some were deeper than others indicating they were carrying a load. They were carrying the men in the bamboo cages he had seen the previous day, as ugly and primitive as these wild sub-humans where, they were smart.

    After half a day of tracking Echok caught up to the group, they had stopped beside a river where the woman and children of both Neanderthals and humans were at the shore drinking and passing the time. The men were nowhere to be seen, careful to keep his distance Echok circled around the makeshift camp. About 90 paces from the woman Echok came upon a scene he did not understand. He found the men folk caged as before but now they had been stripped of the animal hides and possessions, they were naked and crammed into tiny cages sometimes three or four men into a space not big enough for two.

    The Neanderthals were gathered in a rough circle laughing and jeering, Echok could not see what they were all looking at from his position in the brush so he silently made his way to the base of a great tree and climbed into its branches. From his new vantage point Echok could see straight down into the circle of jeering Neanderthals and what his eyes beheld shocked him. There on the ground was his brother Enoch kneeling before a massive Neanderthal male. The Neanderthal moaned and roared as he forced his great hairy appendage deep into the open mouth of Echok’s brother. There were tears in the boy’s eyes as thrust after thrust penetrated his fragile throat. The Neanderthal had Enoch by the ears and he was fucking the boys face mercilessly, at the same time there were other scenes of rape being perpetrated against others of Echok’s tribe. Echok sat helplessly in the tree feet above this madness, helpless to stop it, he saw things he had not thought about and soon he was overcome by a strong desire to sleep.

    When he woke Echok was on the ground, he was naked and bound hand and foot, he was now also a captive laying in the dirt in the circle of raging Neanderthals. He could not remember anything but the horror of watching his brother’s rape, then nothing… The Neanderthals had caught his scent; they had climbed the tree and clubbed Echok then bound him and thrown him into the circle.

    Presently one of the males started to sniff the air, he was becoming aroused by something, suddenly he got down on all fours and started sniffing Echok, he was ravenous and his enormous genitals hanging heavily between his legs began to increase in size. The ape-man was sniffing Echok’s groin now, another untied Echok’s legs to give the first better access to his obsession. The ape-man roughly parted Echok’s legs and dove between them sucking the air; he was feasting on the succulent aroma of Echok’s testicals. Echok tried to move away but only succeeded in raising his butt which gave the ape access to a still deeper cavern of delicious scents. He rolled Echok over to expose his smooth, youthful buns and thrust his hairy face down into this new delicacy. The apes tongue dove deeply into Echok’s asshole twitching and breathing deeply the ape-man was now fully erect and in need of relief.

    Another of the young humans was dragged from his cage, across the circle and forced face first onto the ape-mans raging erect appendage. The Neanderthal didn’t stop feasting on Echok’s softened hole as he did began to pump his great organ into the mouth of the youth now under him. The ape-man moaned and snorted and gasped for air, he was in complete Neanderlithic ecstasy as his companions looked on.

    Suddenly Echok felt his head being wrenched up from the dusty ground he lay upon, an enormous cock stood before him erect, the shaft was covered in bulging blue veins that fed the unsheathed organ that crowned its summit. Masses of black wiry hair wrapped around the base licking up its sides and down onto the balls suspended beneath it. Below and framing this monster cock was the sack containing the ape-mans testicals; they were close to his body and moving as though agitated, overfull of sperm. The ape opened his mouth then smiled meanly at Echok indicating that he should open his mouth to receive this monsters load.

    Echok could see a cloudy substance oozing from the mouth of the apes dick, his groin smelt stale and male and Echok was repulsed. He struggled to free himself but it was useless, he was pinned down by the tongue of the ape-man gorging on his rectum, his hands were firmly tied behind his back and he was being help up to face the ape-man’s ample cock by his hair. The ape slapped Echok across the face a few times as though to warm him up, at this Echok obligingly opened his mouth whereupon the ape rammed Echok’s head down onto his angry oozing cock. The hardened appendage hit the back of Echok’s throat and immediately changed direction sliding with ease into his wind pipe. The ape was thrilled and let out a great raw of excitement, he bobbed Echok’s head up and down rhythmically a few times then slapped him in the ear, Echok realized that this was the Neanderthals way of telling him to continue and he did.

    Eventually the Neanderthal that was reaming Echok’s ass mounted him and roughly penetrated his virgin cherry, Echok was being take from both ends in a wild fury of Neanderthal rape. All he could do was submit, the pubic mass in front of him smelled atrocious as it came and went from his face, the taste trickling down his throat though not unpleasant was suffocating him and the rock hard cock in his ass was far to big for him to accommodate comfortably but his comfort was not being considered by his rapists.

    Eventually the ape-man that was doing Echok from the rear went into a convulsive orgasm cumming deeply inside the boy. He pushed himself more profoundly into Echok with each bolt of hot creamy liquid that exploded from his cock and when he was spent he collapsed onto the boy. Immediately the next Neanderthal pushed his friends limp body aside, he wanted the protein that he knew was concealed deep inside the boy’s rectum. The ape licked hungrily at the outside of Echok’s anus, when it was clean he went deeper, his tongue like an anteaters flicked inside the boys behind scooping out the high protein liquid left there by the previous occupant. Echok pushed down hard so that the load of still hot sperm rose to spill out of his anus, the ape was overjoyed and drank flowing juice greedily as it drained down between Echok’s thighs.

    Next Echok realized that the Neanderthal in his mouth was approaching his peak experience, the giant cock in his mouth was burning hot with the friction and the head was expanding and contracting as it moved within his throat. The ape-man let out a moan and then he grabbed Echok’s head with both of his great hairy hands, roared loudly and shot his hot bolt into Echok’s open throat. Spurt after spurt drowned Echok, this was the first taste of semen he had had, it was hot and heady, it did not taste bad but the thought of it inside him made Echok gag. The Neanderthal responded to Echok’s gag by thrusting deeply, his orgasm was not over and the contraction of Echok’s throat had excited him. Echok’s mouth was full to overflowing with the Neanderthals sperm, noticing this, another of the ape-men got down under and between the massive hairy thighs of his friend and started licking and sucking the warm fluid as it dripped from Echok’s mouth.

    Finally it was over or so Echok thought, the ape-man fell back on his haunches and let out a sigh he was done. Echok quickly swallow the remaining sperm and licked the overspill from his lips, rather he himself than one of these Neanderthals. Within moments of his freedom another cock was eagerly sunk into him, his jaw was swollen and the pain was intense but the ape raping him was not concerned. Echok felt another sensation this time, he had been repulsed by the previous ape rape but this time the penis inside his mouth seemed a better fit, it was longer and reached further down his throat though it still crashed into the back of his throat hurting him with each thrust.

    Echok had an idea; he quickly twisted his entire body around so that now he was looking up past the great shaft penetrating him at the sky. He arched his back and neck to allow unobstructed access to his rapist. No longer was the ape-mans penis hitting the back of his throat but it was going down in a straight line. The ape was thrilled; he was able to penetrate the boy all the way to the hilt of his throbbing cock on every stroke. This excited the ape-man, he came deeply into the boy’s throat, and convulsion after convulsion wracked the ape’s body as he emptied his hot load of sperm into Echok. When he had cum the ape did not withdraw, Echok could feel the hairy sack of testicals relaxing, dropping onto his eyelids and blocking up his nostrils. The smell overpowered him, it was pungent and earthy and he wanted to get away from it.

    Once the ape’s penis had shriveled inside Echok’s mouth he tasted a different flavor, the ape-man was pissing in his mouth and it was a torrent that made Echok gag, he felt like he was suffocating, he could not get any air. Other Neanderthals nearby sniffed the air. Their instinct took over at the acrid smell of the urine trickling out of Echok’s mouth and they pissed on him as well. Echok had become territory, every male in the group marked him with urine.

    When the marking was done a big buck male who had thus far been observing walked clumsily over to the boy lying in the dust. Looking up at him, Echok could see that this was a boy of his own age, his imposing Neanderthal brow was still developing and he wasn’t yet as hairy as the others though he was already hairier that Echok would ever be. After looking into Echok’s eyes the young Neanderthal took hold of one of Echok’s feet an began to drag his body through the dust, no one stopped him, the others went on with what they were doing and left the young ape alone.

    Echok was terrified, thoughts of cannibalism ran frantically through his mind as he was being dragged away. He was in so much pain and both his orifices’ were very swollen, he was sure that this was the end. The sun was setting over the valley, and the ape-boy had dragged Echok to the river, he had untied the boy’s hands and was gently bathing his wounds with cool water sopped up in a chewed mass of leaves and other vegetation. Echok did not understand; humans and Neanderthals had always been natural enemies, killing and exploiting each other wherever they could yet, here was a Neanderthal bathing the wounds inflicted by his own kind, on a human.

    Once he had clean out the wounds on the boys wrists the ape turn him over, he had made a kind of dressing from animal fur that was smothered in a greasy substance which he gently applied to he boy inflamed anus. The relief was instant, Echok could not remember how many times he had been raped today but he was grateful for the attention this particular ape was showing him. Once the sun had set and the moon had risen high into the sky the ape-boy wrapped his massively hairy arms around Echok sheltering his naked body from the cold and they feel asleep.

    Upon waking the next morning Echok was confused, as memories of the previous day flooded back he tensed, he was naked, he was cold and hungry, he got to his feet and looking around him he found he was alone. What had become of the Neanderthals and more importantly where were his people? He decided that he needed nourishment before he did anything else. He started to search the ground around him for insects; their protein would keep him going and allow him to think.

    While he searched Echok became aware that he was not alone, his hairy rescuer was sitting in a tree behind him and he had become amused by something. Echok scuttled up the tree and sat alongside the ape-boy, “Where are my people” Echok asked. The ape-boy couldn’t understand him, and in a universal gesture raised his shoulders. “Hmmm” thought Echok to himself; we can’t talk, we don’t use language the same way. Echok pointed to himself then raised five fingers; the ape-boy seemed to understand and spread his arms out wide.

    You freed them said Echok out loud? Then he made the same gesture spreading his arms and pointing to himself. The ape-boy became despondent, as though he didn’t want Echok to leave him but he was not going to stop him. Echok put his arms around the ape-boy to comfort him and that was the end of their first conversation.

    Echok followed the ape-boy when he left the tree, the day had warmed up and being without his hides was OK. Echok missed his tools though; he relied heavily on his friend’s strong jaws to bread bone and open hard to get to cashes of natures goodies. The two boys followed the Neanderthals at a distance. Echok was tolerated but not accepted, his friend had become something of an outcast since the incident with the humans so the two boys kept each others council and communicated through signing to each other.

    Slowly Echok was able to get closer to the other Neanderthals, he never got to close but to sit by a communal fire or partake in a communal carcass was acceptable. Echok was forgetting his humanity, he was living more and more like the Neanderthals, survival demanded it of him. As winter approached Echok was less and less able to keep warm, at night he slept curled up in his companions arms but during the day he was exposed and his nakedness was becoming a liability.

    One evening as he was sitting close to the fire a big male motioned to him to come, Echok had all but forgotten his first encounter with his hairy brothers and so he walk over and sat beside the big bull. Straight away the Neanderthal encircled the boy in his arms, his breathing was irregular and Echok became tense. The ape-man grunted and Echok remembered him, he was the one that had raped him. This was the bull that had forced him to drink piss after cumming down his throat.

    Echok tried to get away but as before, it was useless, the Neanderthals had many times the strength of humans. He searched desperately for his friend and spotted him sitting a short way away. The ape-boy looked sad as the rape of his human friend proceeded right in front of him, but he couldn’t interfere, no one could, this bull was the unchallenged head of the clan. Echok was laid out on the ground face up under the full moon, if he struggled or tried to get away the big bull slapped him hard.

    While his young friend looked on helplessly the Neanderthals male mounted the boys face, he remembered that access was complete if he entered from above the boys head and he did. The first lunge nearly tore out the boys windpipe, Echok remembered that it was easier if he relaxed. The bull did not seem to be in any hurry this time; he withdrew all the way and then entered the boy’s throat to his hilt. Again and again until Echok was able to catch his rhythm and so get enough air.

    The fire light reflected in the darkness off other males who had become aware that sex was in the air, they were slowly converging on the scene but with respect for the bull. Sniffing the night air one of the ape-men became very aroused; he challenged the bull as he approached the still body of the young boy. The bull roared at the advancing male and bared his teeth, the smaller male was too aroused to turn away, and he lunged for the boy’s scrotum and breathed in deeply through his huge nostrils. The bull, disgruntled was not willing to stop his gyrations to chase the intruder off, so he continued.

    There was salty fluid running into the boy’s throat, he was actually able to relax and take all of the Neanderthals cock with ease, he enjoyed the flavor of pre-cum and he knew that when the bull finally ejaculated, he would receive a good day’s supply of protein. Now he was concerned though about the weight of the ape-man on his lower body, he remembered sharply the rape of his ass and was not eager for a repeat performance. The ape-man was sniffing and snorting in his groin, licking the salty sweat from the boys sack and penis. After a while the salt was gone so the Neanderthal raised the boys legs and exposed his hole, he went down on him ravenously, chewing on the delicate lips of his rectum. The Neanderthal sucked and sniffed and snorted at Echok’s ass until he was satisfied nothing more could be found there then he lunged his erect member into the boy.

    Echok was full now he had a raging Neanderthal cock in each orifice and they were pumping him with all their strength. The bull was nearing his climax, Echok could see that his testicals had come close to his body and his strokes where quickening. Then it happened, a gush of hot cum filled Echok’s throat and mouth. Then the bull convulsed again and another creamy bolt was driven deep inside the boy, now the orgasm was at its pitch, bolt after bolt of hot liquid flooded into Echok’s mouth and down his throat. Although Echok didn’t know it the Neanderthal orgasm was equal to their greater strength, their orgasm could last 5 minutes and they could unload up to a liter of sperm. To Echok though this was normal, he had expected this orgasm indeed he looked forward to it as nourishment.

    Finally the bull began to calm down, his sack relaxed and as before he left his penis inside Echok’s mouth. The boy waited, and he waited, nothing seemed to be happening though his ass was still taking a good walloping. Echok closed his lips around the flaccid member in his mouth and started gently sucking, the bull moaned his pleasure, the boy reached up and guided a testical into his mouth and then another, now he had the whole of the Neanderthals genitals and he sucked and gently moved his tongue across and around these precious goods.

    The Neanderthals in his ass was reaching his climax but the bull roared at him, he plunged into the boy a few more times but became afraid and scurried off. Echok was relieved, though his ass was on fire he was free of the pain of the rape at last. He continued to suck on the bulls genitals; soon he felt another erection coming and let the testicals slip out into the night air. The Neanderthal cock grew in his mouth again; it crept down his throat and as it had hardened to its capacity the bull male withdrew and spun the boy around. Now his huge member hung between Echok’s slim thighs, the bull wanted to enter his ass but he was restrained, realizing his position under this hulk Echok threw his legs up and offered his tender anus to the brute.

    Slowly the bull ape-man entered the boy replacing the cock that had previously been within him. The bull pushed in till he reached the hilt and Echok was full, the boy grunted for a breath as the bull withdrew then plunged in again, the pace started slowly, all the way in then all the way out, then all the way in again in a rhythm that increased both in speed and pressure. The Neanderthal has sturdy genitals they can cum many times and hit the same high peaks of orgasm every time. This was to be one of those times; the bull was like a machine, going at the boy for the second time with all the power of the first.

    When he hit his orgasm the Neanderthal pulled out and spun the tiny (by comparison) human boy beneath him, he continued without missing a stroke inside the boy’s throat whereupon he shot his bolt again. The orgasm continued and the bull sprayed another halt liter of hot creamy sperm into the boys open throat. Again the bull male stayed inside the boy, he had been inside one orifice or the other for a full three hours and he was ready now for a piss. As his cock shrunk back he felt his urethra open and stream hot golden urine into Echok’s now willing mouth. His bladder was full and he pissed for a long time but Echok swallowed it all.
    By this time the Neanderthal and the boy were lying, relaxed, in a 69 position, the Neanderthal was aware of the sweet aroma of fuck emanating from the boys ass and he tucked his head between Echok’s thighs so that he could more easily breathe in his sweet sent.

    Echok was entwined in the enormous and hairy arms of the Neanderthal; his head rested on one of the great thighs and with the Neanderthals cock still tasting good in his mouth he fell into a deep sleep.

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