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Our first regularly scheduled broadcast on Blog Talk Radio will be tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM- EST.

We plan on being with you every morning at that time… Unless the alarm doesn’t go off or the dogs are being particularly pesky. We’ll also do shows on Thursday evenings at 10:00 PM and Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.

See you there!!

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Debate Night Round Table at ‘Heading Right”.

I and few others have started a new blog, “Heading Right”….

Heading Right

Notables (I’m not included, because I’m not notable) include:

Captains Quarters

Fausta’s Blog

Atlas Shrugged

bRight and Early


(full blogroll available at the site)

Although the blog has been up for a week or so, we’ll be kicking things off in style on debate night, May 3rd.

We’ll be doing a live blog session during the debate. Followed by a round-table ‘after action’ show on Blog Talk Radio following the debate.

Current contributors for the after action show are:

Ed Morrissey: Captain’s Quarters

Kit Jarrel: Euphoric Reality

Rick fr: bRight and Early

Mike fr: House of Chin

…but the list keeps growing…

Updates as to the panel will be available at Heading Right.



Imus, the Internet and Intellectual Elitism: My Week in Review

It’s been an odd and interesting week for the media. My week began with this story in my mailbox. In it, Charles Cooper, of CNET News, reviews Andrew Keen’s new book ‘ The Culture of the Amateur’. The tome appears to be a cautionary tale on the evils of citizen journalism to western civilization as we know it.

While the book does not debut until June, some excerpts make it clear that Keen is not so keen on today’s blogging landscape. In fact, he sees the situation as quite bleak. We bloggers, apparently, are collectively corrupting and confusing popular opinion about everything from politics, to commerce, to arts and culture”. Keen, being a good cultural elitist, also ensures that he covers the omnipresent danger to our youth…”These days, kids can’t tell the difference between credible news by objective professional journalists and what they read on”

Not really knowing or caring what some Brit mucky muck thought about my sins on the internet, I rattled off a nice little rant to my wife over the story and got on with my day. Then the Imus story broke.

Don, in the crotchety, faux coolness that only he has, took a big fat bite of some shoe leather. He is a cagey veteran at putting his foot in his mouth. I think Imus can probably differentiate shoe brands by taste at this point. Well, the media feeding frenzy was on at that point, party people. Every media personality had to trot out with their two cents. From racism to rap, the entire mainstream media collectively swam in the sewer that is Don Imus’ mouth for nearly a week. And their efforts did not go unrewarded. Political and economic pressures cost Don Imus not one but two jobs.

(Author’s note: I’ve intentionally omitted any links to the Imus story. Because honestly, I fear that if one more page gets indexed with the keywords Imus, Sharpton or Jackson, the internet may implode under the collective weight of their ignorance.)

Then the irony hit me this morning before my first cup of coffee. My weekly visit to the “O’Reilly Radar” rewarded me with a gift. Tim O’Reilly and other bloggers have produced a “Draft Bloggers Code of Conduct“. This movement was initiated partly in response to a rather heated and nasty exchange among several site operators. So, when confronted with an unpleasant situation, what did bloggers do. They contacted the parties, acted as mediators and proposed a solution. Nobody was fired. Nobody was boycotted. The offending parties were dealt with in a professional and appropriate manner. And in the spirit of democracy, the Code of Conduct is open source, so all parties can contribute to the discourse. No monopoly of opinion in the blogosphere, folks.

So, I have come full circle.

Given the events of the past week, which group is actually ‘corrupting and confusing popular opinion‘? Can I truly say that giving a media bullhorn to panderers and race hustlers constitutes ‘credible news by objective professional journalists‘?

I’ll certainly give Mr. Keen’s book a read when it is released. For now I’ll simply posit that perhaps the opinions of the populace aren’t necessarily ‘popular’ with his crowd. But I’ll take an objective citizen journalist over an elitist with an agenda and a microphone any day.


OK. I’m asking anybody and everybody to put up or shut up. If you live in and around the Maryland area, PLEASE click this link and pledge to walk in the MS walk-a-thon. I, my wife and my children are planning on walking and we hope to see a big crowd with us. I’ll be placing this on several sites. So even if you can’t make any of the walks, please do what you can to give and keep this post bumped up for more folks see it.

It’s easy to sit back and point at what others don’t do. Sometimes you need to ask yourself that question. I know I do. Thanks to all for whatever you can do.

Thanks Again,


Another small favor…If you sign up, shoot me an e-mail to to let me know where you heard about it and which location you will be walking. I’d like to report on our success (hopefully, come on team).

Google Fools: Web Service Through Toilet

Everyone loves a good gag.  Hat’s off to the evil empire, Google for a good laugher over the weekend.  The clock has started on how long it will take for some schmuck to sue because he spent all weekend with his head is the crapper trying to surf porn.

Google Fools: Web Service Through Toilet –

Presiding over a company with a market value of $143 billion apparently gives Silicon Valley’s most famous billionaires a good sense of humor – and a case of corporate potty mouth. Senior executives at Google Inc. launched their annual April Fools’ Day prank Sunday, posting a link on the company’s home page to a site offering consumers free high-speed wireless Internet through their home plumbing systems.

Code-named “Dark Porcelain,” Google (nasdaq: GOOG news people ) said its “Toilet Internet Service Provider” (TiSP) works with Microsoft Corp. (nasdaq: MSFT news people )’s new Windows Vista operating system. But sorry – septic tanks are incompatible with the system’s requirements.

The gag included a mock press release quoting Google co-founder and president Larry Page, a step-by-step online installation manual, and a scatological selection of Frequently Asked Questions. On some Google sites, the company’s official logo – a multicolored “Google” that changes according to the season and on holidays – substituted a commode for the second “g.”

“There’s actually a thriving little underground community that’s been studying this exact solution for a long time,” Page said in the facetious statement. “And today our Toilet ISP team is pleased to be leading the way through the sewers, up out of your toilet and – splat – right onto your PC.”

Only 61% of blog readers are from the US.

Who woulda thunk it? Below is the country breakdown for recent visits to House of Chin. Never realized I could pull up a pie chart. Whoa!!! Too cool!  The chart updates on it’s own over time.  Nice to know.