Israel: Shimon Peres back in power.

Keep an eye on this story.  It will have implications moving forward.  It will be interesting to see how world dealings with Iran move forward. 

JERUSALEM (June 13) – Elder statesman Shimon Peres has been elected Israel’s next president, winning the support of 86 of parliament’s 120 members in a second and final round of balloting, Channel TV reported Wednesday. Peres, of the ruling Kadima Party, all but clinched the race after his two rivals withdrew after the first round of voting earlier in the day. Peres, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who has held all of Israel’s top civilian posts, later advanced to a yes-or-no vote in parliament. The ordinarily quiet contest has been closely watched because of Peres’ campaign to cap his six-decade political career with a term in the president’s mansion, and rape allegations against the sitting president, Moshe Katsav. Peres, of the ruling Kadima Party, received an unexpectedly high 58 votes in parliament’s secret balloting in round one. Reuven Rivlin, a lawmaker and former parliament speaker from the hawkish Likud, took 37, and legislator Colette Avital of the Labor Party, 21. Shortly after the votes were tallied, Avital announced she would not advance to a second round, and Labor said it would throw its support to Peres, who spent most of his political career in that party. Shortly afterward, a weeping Rivlin said he, too, would pull out of the contest, and asked the legislature to unanimously back Peres. Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, a fierce critic of the dovish Peres, said his party, too, would vote for him. The new president takes office July 15, for a seven-year term. Political science professor Gideon Doron of Tel Aviv University said the results were not surprising. Rivlin comes from a party with only 12 seats, and the lawmakers’ desire to restore the presidency’s prestige prevailed over political differences, he said.

Bush spits into the wind on immigration.

This just simply isn’t going to happen.  The first brush off was bad enough.  No way Republicans do a flip flop on this. 

WASHINGTON (June 12) – President Bush , wading deeper into an issue that bitterly divides his party, hopes a personal appeal can help persuade skeptical Republicans to resurrect and pass his immigration  bill.

President Bush, seen here at the White House on Monday, is optimistic that his attempt to legalize up to 12 million unlawful immigrants while tightening border security will be successful.

Saul Loeb, AFP / Getty Images


Over lunch Tuesday in the Capitol, Bush planned an effort to change enough minds among GOP  senators to salvage one of his top domestic priorities. The measure, which legalizes up to 12 million unlawful immigrants and tightens border security, stalled last week in the face of broad Republican  opposition.

Bush “will talk about the fact that immigration reform is too important to let this opportunity pass, and this is the best opportunity that we have had in decades to reform the broken immigration system,” said Scott Stanzel, a White House spokesman.

It’s the president’s latest and most overt attempt to sell Congress  on the immigration overhaul, which was shaped by his views and drafted by an unlikely liberal-to-conservative coalition in close consultation with two Cabinet secretaries.

“I’ll see you at the bill signing,” Bush predicted Monday.

The measure exposes deep divisions among both parties, but it was Republicans who stood in its way last week when all but seven of them blocked a Democratic effort to put it on a fast track to passage.

‘Let’s talk’ with militant Muslims.

Certainly grown men who spout hatred and violence, then send their women and children to do the dirty work must be reasonable and sane people.  Wake Up and get your head out of the sand folks! When it becomes OK to strap bombs to your wives and daughters, we don’t really have a whole lot to talk about.  And don’t feed me any bull about how ‘she may have acted alone’.  This is militant Islam, women don’t go to the store alone.  So they certainly don’t decide to commit martyrdom, acquire the explosives to do so, then walk across town to the police station, ALONE! 

BAGHDAD – Alert guards gunned down a black-clad woman at a police recruiting station Tuesday, a would-be suicide bomber who then exploded before their eyes. But another bomber succeeded, detonating an explosives-laden car at a checkpoint in Ramadi and killing six policemen.

The U.S. commander here acknowledged sectarian violence was on the rise.

Meanwhile, the U.S. command insisted it would continue the search for two abducted U.S. soldiers despite the release of a video Monday by insurgents linked to al-Qaida claiming they had killed the two, along with a third missing soldier whose body was found previously.

Full Story.

The Real Deal on Fred Thompson.

There has been much speculation over the past 36 hours with regard to a possible Presidential bid by former Senator Fred Thompson.

OK. Here is what I know.

Yesterday I posted about the article regarding a Fred Thompson Presidential run. That article is here.

Well, that article postulated that Thompson would announce on or near July 4th. My good buddy macranger from cited Jim Gerharty, who had this too say..

“No July 4 Announcement For Fred Thompson

Just talked to a Thompson source I’ll call “TA3″ (Thompson Associate 3). Much more coming shortly, but the first word was, there will not be a presidential announcement from Fred Thompson on July 4.

(The Politico got it wrong, it appears.)

TA3: “There will be no July 4 announcement… There was some discussion of a June 4 beginning of fundraising; that’s the date checks will be collected. I suspect that’s where there was some confusion.”

Read his entire post at NRO here.

Now that seems a little conflicted when juxtaposed with the Politico piece. So, I contacted my own source. I can tell you only that my source is a known national political figure with close ties to Senator Thompson. We’ll call him/her “Billy”.
Lets break it down piece by piece, shall we?

From Politico:

Fred Dalton Thompson is planning to enter the presidential race over the Fourth of July holiday, announcing this week that he has already raised several million dollars and is being backed by insiders from the past three Republican administrations, Thompson advisers told The Politico.

From Billy: No particular date has been discussed.

Chin: It is already well known that various folks from the Reagan and G.H.W. Bush Administrations have expressed support for and a willingness to serve in a Thompson administration. So, this is not news, In my opinion.

From Politico:

But the advisers said Thompson dropped all pretenses on Tuesday afternoon during a conference call with more than 100 potential donors, each of whom was urged to raise about $50,000.

From Billy: This is true. He was privy to said conference call. Senator Thompson headed the call. The crux was to inspire 100 national fundraisers and/or supporters to enlist 10 couples to contribute $4600 ( the legal limit) a piece. These fundraisers and supporters would be designated as ‘founders’. That would equal $46,000. Due to time constraints on my part, Billy was unable to confirm or deny if this was a singular event, or one a several such conference calls.

From Politico:

A testing-the-waters committee is to be formed June 4 so Thompson can start raising money, and staffers will go on the payroll in early June, the organizers said. A policy team has been formed, but remains under wraps…

Thompson urged the supporters to muster a major show of financial force in early July, just after the June 30 deadline for second-quarter financial reports to the Federal Election Commission.

From Billy: Billy confirms this to be the case. A testing the waters committee will indeed be announced on June 4, the date that we here at HouseofChin have been keying in on. He also confirms that the reason stated by Politico’s speculation is accurate. A June 4th announcement keeps Thompson out of the second quarter filing. In addition, per Billy, the timeline for a testing the waters committee is 60 days.

Chin: Smart play by Senator Thompson. Forming the commitee on June 4th means his window to declare would be from July 1st to the first few days of August to declare. Yet, he won’t have t file his first financial until the end of September, fully three months into fundraising and only one reporting cycle prior to the primaries. It helps when you know campaign finance reform inside and out.

Also of interest from Politico is this:

Organizers were encouraged by a donor meeting in New York City on Thursday afternoon that was attended by some of the best-known names in state and national politics. Without disclosing his specific plans, Thompson plans to keep the momentum going with an appearance in Richmond on Saturday at the Commonwealth Gala, headed by Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Ed Gillespie.

In a preview of the campaign to come, Thompson plans to show he is a candidate acceptable to all elements of the conservative coalition. He will make it plain to the attendees and a large press corps that, as one adviser put it, “the Fred has landed.”

Thompson lives in McLean, Va. Tickets for the dinner, to be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, start at $125. Sponsors who pay $1,000 to $10,000 will be able to get their photo taken with Thompson at a reception an hour before the dinner.

Chin: It appears that one of the worst kept secrets in Washington is that Ed Gillespie will play a pivotal role in the Thompson campaign. Numerous citings of the two together during Senator Thompson’s ‘rumination’ period litter the blogosphere. Several messages from HouseofChin to Mr. Gillespie’s firm in Washington were not returned.


A great debt of gratitude to Billy for being a true American patriot, a true Thompson supporter and a true friend to myself and conservatives. Thanks Billy!!


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More violence in Baghdad

BAGHDAD – A car bomb ripped through a wholesale food market in western Baghdad on Sunday, flattening cars and shops and killing at least 30 people in the deadliest of a wave of attacks across

Iraq that killed at least 50 people.  The attack came amid an 11-week-old crackdown by U.S.-led forces intended to bring stability to Baghdad.

As part of that crackdown, U.S. and Iraqi forces raided the Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City early Sunday, uncovering a weapons cache, a torture room and killing at least eight insurgents in a gunbattle, the military said.

In other violence, three U.S. troops were killed in separate attacks, the military said Sunday.

Two Marines were killed Saturday in fighting in Anbar province, a Sunni insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad, and a roadside bomb killed a soldier and wounded four others Friday in western Baghdad, the military said. The deaths raised to at least 3,365 members of the U.S. military who have died since the Iraq war started in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

The market blast Sunday erupted about noon in the mixed Sunni-Shiite Baiyaa neighborhood and devastated the area, reducing cars and trucks to their charred skeletons and ripping the roofs and exteriors off shops. In addition to the dead, dozens were injured.

Blood pooled in the dirt streets. Hospital officials said two pickup trucks filled with body parts were brought to the morgue.

“I was waiting near a shop to lift some boxes, when I saw the owner of the shop fall down,” said Satar Hussein, 22, a worker in the market. “I helped him inside the shop, but he was already dead. The next thing I felt was pain in my left shoulder and some people rushing me to the hospital.”

Ali Hamid, 25, the owner of a food store, said he was selling boxes of Pepsi when he was hit with shrapnel in his hand.

Debate Night Round Table at ‘Heading Right”.

I and few others have started a new blog, “Heading Right”….

Heading Right

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Although the blog has been up for a week or so, we’ll be kicking things off in style on debate night, May 3rd.

We’ll be doing a live blog session during the debate. Followed by a round-table ‘after action’ show on Blog Talk Radio following the debate.

Current contributors for the after action show are:

Ed Morrissey: Captain’s Quarters

Kit Jarrel: Euphoric Reality

Rick fr: bRight and Early

Mike fr: House of Chin

…but the list keeps growing…

Updates as to the panel will be available at Heading Right.



Britons get life for plotting al Qaeda bombing spree


Britons get life for plotting al Qaeda bombing spree – Yahoo! News

LONDON (Reuters) – A judge jailed five Britons for life on Monday for plotting to carry out al Qaeda-inspired bomb attacks across Britain at targets ranging from nightclubs to trains and a shopping centre.

“The sentences are for life. Release is not a foregone conclusion. Some or all of you may never be released,” judge Michael Astill told the court.

“You are considered cruel, ruthless misfits by society.”

The gang planned to use 600 kg (1,300 lb) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to make explosives to be used in bombings in revenge for Britain’s support for the United States in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, prosecutors said.

Court papers, which could only be detailed after the trial, showed police observing the gang had established links between them and two of four British Islamists who later carried out suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005, killing 52 people.

Spies had seen Mohammed Sidique Khan, the suspected ringleader of the July 7 bombings, and accomplice Shehzad Tanweer with the men in the days leading up to their arrest but discounted them because they were not involved in the plot.

Opposition parties and survivors of the bombings demanded a public inquiry into the July 7 attacks in response to the news.

The government praised the police for their work.

“Five dangerous terrorists are now behind bars thanks to the hard work of our police and security services,” Home Secretary (Interior Minister) John Reid told reporters. “It’s not the first time they have averted a very serious threat to life in this country. This is an endless task, it is a continuing one.”

Counter-terrorism experts said the gang could have produced a “formidable weapon” more powerful than some of the devices used in recent devastating attacks around the world.

“It was the first time since 9/11 that British people were attempting to commit mass murder in the UK,” said one senior detective, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The only sensible conclusion is that al Qaeda does sit behind it,” he told reporters.

Democrats: Bush has hurt U.S.

Fear and self loathing in South Carolina… 

Democrats: Bush has hurt U.S. – Politics –

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The United States has lost its global standing during George W. Bush’s presidency and needs a Democratic commander in chief to restore America’s place in the world, Democrats running for the White House said Saturday.

“We are today internationally and domestically a nation that is no longer a leader,” said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, one of three candidates to address a convention of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee, said the world needs to see that “America can be a force for good.”

What their perception is that America is a bully and we only care about our short-term interests,” Edwards said. “The starting place is to end the bleeding sore that is the war in Iraq.”

Richardson, Edwards and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden said they would make ending the war a priority.

“The American people are looking for us as Democrats,” said Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “They’re looking for someone literally, not figuratively, to restore America’s place in the world.”

The Hunt for a Fred October: Fred Thompson, in or out?

It’s not news that the media is abuzz with speculation as to a possible Fred Thompson run at the Presidency. As ‘Law and Order’ co-star Sam Waterston noted today, it’s the worst held secret in Washington. Join us tomorrow on ‘House of Chin Live” as we discuss the implications of a Thompson announcement. Our guest will be former Thompson aide and current co-host of “The Voice”, Kelvin Moxley. We’ll also discuss insights from ‘Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee’ co-chair and U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp. Rep. Wamp was unable to commit to a live interview due to House committee meetings. However, House of Chin conducted an exclusive interview, prior to broadcast, for this program.

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