Sanjaya Malaker: See Ya!!

All I can say is this is finally over!! Read it and get on with life. 

You-know-who finally gets boot on ‘Idol’ –

NEW YORK (AP) — Sanjaya Malakar, the under-talented but unflappable singer who horrified and captivated millions in his improbable “American Idol” run, was finally voted off the show Wednesday night.

When the result was announced, Malakar wiped away tears and got a big hug from LaKisha Jones, the next lowest vote-getter.

“I’m fine,” he told Ryan Seacrest. “It was an amazing experience.” (Watch Sanjaya get the boot Video)

“I can promise you: We won’t soon forget you,” Seacrest replied. Malakar then performed one last song, “Something To Talk About.” Putting his own twist on the song, the 17-year-old known for his pretty looks and ever-changing hairstyles ad-libbed: “Let’s give them something to talk about … other than hair.”

On Tuesday night’s show, Simon Cowell had slammed his performance as “utterly horrendous.” And for once, the notoriously mean judge was vindicated.

“I’m beginning to sense something here,” a grinning Cowell said when Malakar wound up in the bottom three. (Watch Cowell extract himself from hot water over an eye-rolling reaction Video)

The real American Idols-Fred Thompson on National Review Online

Thanks as always for keeping it real Senator Thompson.  

Fred Thompson on National Review Online

If you tune into the news, you’re going to end up hearing or reading at least the headlines of stories you’d probably rather not know about. Somehow, I know that Paris Hilton may have violated her parole. I’m not sure how it happened, but I even know a little about Britney Spears’s hairdo, divorce, and trip to rehab. These bits of cultural trivia, I really wish I hadn’t digested.


What I’m not going to do now is scold editors for spending more time on Anna Nicole Smith and Lindsay Lohan than the details of our federal budget. To begin with, it would have about as much impact as it would for me to tell some pop starlet, who has more money than I ever will, to put on some decent clothes and behave herself.

I do think, though, that we should be worried when our children are shown over and over again that people who are rich and famous, and are presented as “idols,” get even more rich and famous due to behaviors that would be rightly deemed tragedies in most families. So, instead of telling our news sources what not to publish, maybe I could make a few suggestions for additional programming.

There are young women who are succeeding because of all the old virtues that we want our children to learn and emulate — women whose stories are just as compelling and entertaining as Britney Spears’s. One is Candace Parker, the 20-year-old forward for the University of Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers — who just won the NCAA women’s basketball championship.

Candace has complained in the past when journalists focused solely on her, the Lady Vols’ high scorer, instead of her entire team. I wouldn’t want to offend her, so I will point out that Shannon Bobbitt and the entire team also did what had to be done to win this year — drilling and working out hard in the off season when other teams were taking it easy. Still, Candace is the kind of role model I would want my daughters to look up to. She’s earned academic honors while putting in the time necessary to win Tennessee’s first championship in nine years, and will stay in school despite being eligible for the pro draft. My wife, by the way, is proud just to share her hometown of Naperville, Illinois.

Another role model critical to the Lady Vol’s accomplishment is head coach Pat Summitt, who has more victories to her credit than any other coach in NCAA basketball history — men included. Summit has just earned the first contract for a women’s basketball coach worth more than a million dollars a year.

Now, you may be asking yourself if I’m not just bragging about the Lady Vols because I’m a Tennessean, and I might not even argue with you if you said so. In fact, I’ve found myself humming “Rocky Top” ever since the team took the NCAA cup, but both of these women, and the other Lady Vol team members as well, have shown the discipline, sacrifice, and desire that anyone can and should aspire too. For the sake of our daughters, they ought to get at least a fraction of the coverage our media gives embarrassing, dysfunctional celebrities.

— Fred Thompson is an actor and former United States senator from Tennessee.

Taylor Hicks Tickets: $140 !!!

The ‘American Idol” effect in play when it comes to concert tickets…

As if all the fever surrounding Idol Antonella Barba wasn’t enough to make your head explode…Now this!!

My wife was checking out shows coming to the area this summer. Lawn tickets for Taylor Hicks are $140. For LAWN!!

So, by the time you pay to park, you’re down $300 a couple to listen to Taylor frickin Hicks. That’s a car payment and I haven’t had a beer, yet. We surfed around and other acts who have actually sold some records and won some Grammy awards are similarly priced. But what happened to the day when you could see a second tier act at a reasonable price? Last summer we saw Craig Morgan for $16 a piece. And he actually had a couple top ten songs at the time.

I remember as a teen going to the first Monsters of Rock Tour. Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica and Van Hagar for $35.

This summer I took my daughter to the Virgin Mobile Tour. The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers for $100.

So here’s what I’m trying to wrap my head around….

For $135 I saw:

Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica, Van Hagar, The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers…A ten band line-up with who knows how many albums sold and Grammy Awards.

For another $5 or $140, I could see…

Taylor Hicks.

I don’t think so.

Idol Gives Back: Bloggers Unite

OK. My wife is a big American Idol fan. Whether you like the show or don’t, it is the most watched show on television. And they are partnering with Network for Good to raise a lot of money to feed hungry children. We here at House of Chin are fully behind this effort. No child should go hungry!

So here’s what we’re going to do….If you’d like to give (and if you don’t I hope you sleep well at night) you can do so here.

But House of Chin is raising the ante. After you donate go here (new visitors will need to create a screen name) and post the amount you have given. For every person that donates and signs in, House of Chin will donate and extra dollar in your name.

Let’s hit this one out of the park, people!! Prove the world wrong and give till it hurts.