Mel Goes Ballistic — Tells professor to “F@ck Off!”

Mel Goes Ballistic — “Lady, F**k Off!” –

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson exploded in anger last night on a college campus after an expert on Mayan culture accussed him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in the movie “Apocalypto.”
Mel Gibson
It happened last night at Cal State University at Northridge in the San Fernando Valley. Gibson was speaking to a film class about his movies, and several members of the Mayan community came to hear the famous director.

After Gibson’s presentation, the crowd was allowed to ask questions. Alicia Estrada, an Assistant Professor of Central American Studies at CSUN, challenged Gibson, asking him if he had read about the Mayan culture before shooting the controversial film. Gibson said he had.
Mel Gibson
Estrada persisted, stating that representations in the movie that the Mayans engaged in sacrificial ceremonies and had bloodthirsty tendencies were both wrong and racist. Estrada and others tell TMZ that Gibson exploded in anger, responding, “Lady, F**k off.”
Mel Gibson
We’re told Gibson also became extremely angry when members of the Mayan community protested on how they were portrayed in the film. The emotional Mayan members were escorted out of the room, and we’re told Gibson screamed a parting shot — “Make your own movie!”

UPDATE: Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, told TMZ, “This person was a heckler who was rude and disrupted the event, so much so that the event organizers had to escort her out.” For the record, Nierob, not Howard Rubenstein, reps Gibson.
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Taylor Hicks Tickets: $140 !!!

The ‘American Idol” effect in play when it comes to concert tickets…

As if all the fever surrounding Idol Antonella Barba wasn’t enough to make your head explode…Now this!!

My wife was checking out shows coming to the area this summer. Lawn tickets for Taylor Hicks are $140. For LAWN!!

So, by the time you pay to park, you’re down $300 a couple to listen to Taylor frickin Hicks. That’s a car payment and I haven’t had a beer, yet. We surfed around and other acts who have actually sold some records and won some Grammy awards are similarly priced. But what happened to the day when you could see a second tier act at a reasonable price? Last summer we saw Craig Morgan for $16 a piece. And he actually had a couple top ten songs at the time.

I remember as a teen going to the first Monsters of Rock Tour. Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica and Van Hagar for $35.

This summer I took my daughter to the Virgin Mobile Tour. The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers for $100.

So here’s what I’m trying to wrap my head around….

For $135 I saw:

Kingdom Come, Poison, Scorpions, Metallica, Van Hagar, The Killers, The Racontuers, Gnarls Barkley, The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers…A ten band line-up with who knows how many albums sold and Grammy Awards.

For another $5 or $140, I could see…

Taylor Hicks.

I don’t think so.

Al Sharpton wants DNA test…to boost radio show ratings.

Now I’ve heard it all. Al Sharton is a media whore. And who cares if his great-great grandparents were slave to anybody’s great-great grandparents? We constantly talk about the ‘politics of personal destruction’. When are we going to address the politics of race and class warfare?

“Shocked” Sharpton Wants DNA Test, Potential Slave-Era Link Between Families Prompts Rev. Al Sharpton To Call For More Evidence – CBS News

(CBS/AP) The Rev. Al Sharpton said he wants a DNA test to determine whether he is related to former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond through his great-grandfather, a slave owned by an ancestor of the late senator.

“I can’t find out anything more shocking than I’ve already learned,” Sharpton told the Daily News, which on Sunday reported the link based on genealogists’ findings.

Sharpton’s spokesman, Rachel Noerdlinger, confirmed Monday for The Associated Press that Sharpton plans to pursue DNA testing, but had no further details.

CBS News Radio correspondent Peter King reports that Sharpton said he will interview the researchers and the reporter on-air and take calls about the topic.

Anna Nicole Smith- Death of a Junkie

I like to think that I’m a reasonable person. That I can be tolerant of others diversions. But after 12 straight hours of non-stop coverage, I can’t take the Anna Nicole drama any longer without throwing in my two cents. So here goes…

Anna Nicole Smith was a stripper. Her only claim to fame. She died unceremoniously, a junkie and a whore, in a casino hotel. Junkie whores with illigitame children die every day in America without comment. So Smith’s death, while tragic and sad, is not very newsworthy once you remove the fact that she was one a thousands who are simply famous for being famous.

Here’s what else happened yesterday…The US and North Korea moved closer to an agreement over Nuclear Power, The Palestinians agreed in principle to move toward a unity governmemt, Violence Erupted at Temple Mount as Muslims protested repair work near the Dome of the Rock. That’s just world politics.

What does it say about our populace that their voracious appetite for a peek into the lives of junkies, prostitutes, drunkards and morons is so strong that it can drive the media to provide this fare ad nausem in leiu of actual news?

A NOTE TO LIBERALS: Many of you like to claim that Islamic hatred of the west is seeded in the interventionist policies of the Republican Admistration. Here’s some food for thought. Perhaps Muslims, devoutly religious, are deeply offended by the debauchery routinely beamed to them by your friends in the media and Hollywood. Simply consider that their attitude toward us may, at least in part, not be based on what we do ‘over there’ but how we live ‘over here’.

NOTE TO CONSERVATIVES: Over the past few years, scores of you have called on ‘everyday’ Muslims to denounce the actions of a few as not representing their beliefs or lifestyle. Anytime someone attempts to defend Islam as not fully radicalized, the cry of “Then why don’t the moderates stand up for what THEY believe, are they cowards?” is resounded. Well, here’s the deal. The perception of the US is perpetuated throughout the world in the images of our lifestyle that the new electronic globalism promulgates. It is a false perception, IMO. So drop the the double standard and do what you challenge others to do. Stand up and declare “This lionization of the ammoral does not represent me.”

Say what you mean and mean what you say!

The Speaker has a Uterus for God’s Sake!

What’s up with the Prez giving props to Pelosi?  First woman, blah,blah, blah.

I’ll tell you the problem with Pelosi.  It’s the same problem with Shillery.  A Uterus!