Bush and the RINOs have gone too far.

Bush and the RINOs have pushed me over the edge with this Amnesty Bill.  They’ve sold me out for the last time.  Yes, I held my nose for McCain-Feingold, Prescription Drugs, etc.  But now they have gone too far.  This bill is all about pandering for votes and caving to donors like ADM.  It does nothing to ‘reform’ illegal immigration.  And the border security component is window dressing at best.

Between the Libs and their neo-con globalist, RINO accomplices, we will be living the SPP dream within our lifetime.  Take a look at how that is working out in Europe, folks.  If you value your country, it’s heritage and it’s potential future, you’ll fight like hell to tear down the SPP and ant legislation that serves to further it.  And start brushing up on your Constitution.  There a some clauses you might need to invoke in the near future.

Bobby Eberle does a good job of conveying the prevailing conservative sentiment here… 

From the LOFT… 

If Tuesday’s vote to renew debate on the Senate’s immigration bill wasn’t a dagger through the heart of many Republicans, including myself, it was very close. Although it may not have been a fatal stab, the damage could very well be permanent. What our Republican “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) are failing to realize is that if they pander for political gain rather than doing what is right, we all lose. Add to that the open hostility being shown by some Republicans to their own base, and it is no wonder that the Party is in dire straits.

The vote on Tuesday was on whether to proceed with debate on the immigration “amnesty” bill. 60 votes were required for passage. If you recall, in a similar situation a few weeks ago, there were not enough votes to continue, and the bill was pulled from the floor. It was a victory for the grassroots and their lobbying efforts. However, the White House came in and started pressing Republicans to come over to the dark side. Some Republican senators started blasting their own conservative base. Here are some of the lowlights:

As noted in a CNSNews.com story, conservative talk radio recently came under fire for its opposition to the amnesty bill. Who was blasting talk radio? Left-wing radicals? Nope. Republicans like Sens. Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham were doing the talking.

Regarding the amnesty bill and the almost universal opposition to it by conservative radio hosts, Sen. Trent Lott said, “Talk radio is running America. … We have to deal with that problem.”

Problem? The fact that millions and millions of listeners tune into conservative talk radio each day clearly means that America likes what it hears on these airwaves. However, disagree with the White House and Trent Lott and you get criticized.

Then, here comes Sen. Lindsey Graham, who in typical liberal Democrat fashion, played the race card regarding the immigration debate.

Graham suggested that critics of the immigration bill were motivated by racism, saying on ABC News, “We’ve been down this road before — ‘no Catholics,’ ‘no Jews,’ ‘Irish need not apply.’”

It is my sincere hope that the voters of South Carolina remember those remarks. It’s one thing to disagree with your own supporters, but it’s quite another to call those supporters racists, and that is exactly what Graham is doing! What is racist about wanting to protect our borders? What is racist about wanting to enforce existing employment laws? Absolutely nothing!

I am so sick and tired of the rhetoric coming out of Washington regarding this bill. The White House will tout how the number of arrests of illegals have gone up… but mention nothing about the number of prosecutions or deportations. They will mention poll information that says more Americans favor some kind of “comprehensive” immigration reform but then ignore the polls which say that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Senate amnesty bill.

It’s all about cheap labor, and even that debate gets twisted, with the White House saying we need foreigners to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Hello! Has everyone in Washington lost their common sense? Maybe Americans are willing to get paid artificially low wages for an honest day’s work. How about real wages for real work? Take away the illegal workers, let the market and wages adjust, then come back and tell me there are jobs that require people other than Americans to do them.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial today in which they try to spin the political benefits for the GOP to vote for the amnesty bill. For one thing, the WSJ has never been afraid to play the race card regarding illegal immigration, and their position on open borders and cheap labor (regardless of national security issues) is well known. However, their latest effort is ridiculous. They can’t even get the politics right.

First, they say we should vote for the bill so that immigration is “off the table” for the next election. So, passing a bad bill is good politics? How about the politics of addressing the core immigration issues one at a time and building faith with the American people that Washington can get the job done? That sounds like a much better approach to me.

Second, the WSJ plays racial politics by saying “The longer term danger is that the GOP is sending a message to Latinos that it doesn’t want them in the party.” Give me a break. As someone who is half hispanic, it is a statement like that which offends me. I don’t know any hispanic Republicans who don’t want the border enforced and our laws respected. We are talking about illegal activity here! Yes, we do need to reach out to hispanic voters, and there are many ways to do so — but we don’t do it by granting amnesty… we don’t do it by printing more and more signs, labels, and instructions in Spanish. We do it by showing that the American dream applies to all who will work, obey the law, and embrace American culture.

And so we have it. Yesterday, the following Republican senators sided with most Democrats to keep the amnesty bill alive:

Bennett (R-UT), Bond (R-MO), Brownback (R-KS), Burr (R-NC), Coleman (R-MN), Collins (R-ME), Craig (R-ID), Domenici (R-NM), Ensign (R-NV), Graham (R-SC), Gregg (R-NH), Hagel (R-NE), Kyl (R-AZ), Lott (R-MS), Lugar (R-IN), Martinez (R-FL), McCain (R-AZ), McConnell (R-KY), Murkowski (R-AK), Snowe (R-ME), Specter (R-PA), Stevens (R-AK), Voinovich (R-OH), Warner (R-VA).

We must still keep the pressure on the Senate. There are several key votes remaining. The grassroots can still win on this issue.

What the Republican Party needs to see is that there is more at stake than this one issue. It’s no coincidence that donations are down. It’s no coincidence that long-time activists are frustrated to the point of not voting. When Republican officials abandon the party, they shouldn’t be surprised when grassroots conservatives abandon them.

Take note of the RINOs highlighted above and move them to the ‘bad guys’ side of your scorecard.  These peeps are a danger to our country.  They should be opposed and exposed at every opportunity.

Debate Night Round Table at ‘Heading Right”.

I and few others have started a new blog, “Heading Right”….

Heading Right

Notables (I’m not included, because I’m not notable) include:

Captains Quarters

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bRight and Early


(full blogroll available at the site)

Although the blog has been up for a week or so, we’ll be kicking things off in style on debate night, May 3rd.

We’ll be doing a live blog session during the debate. Followed by a round-table ‘after action’ show on Blog Talk Radio following the debate.

Current contributors for the after action show are:

Ed Morrissey: Captain’s Quarters

Kit Jarrel: Euphoric Reality

Rick fr: bRight and Early

Mike fr: House of Chin

…but the list keeps growing…

Updates as to the panel will be available at Heading Right.



Hunter asks Reid to quit Senate post – Nation/Politics – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Duncan Hunter is the man!! It’s about time someone on the right side of the aisle started calling a spade a spade. I find it pretty ironic that after dismissing Hunter as a ‘wannabee’, Reid’s spokesman has the nerve to characterize the letter as ‘lashing out’.

Hunter asks Reid to quit Senate post – Nation/Politics – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

The ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee has called for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign his leadership post for saying the U.S. has lost the war in Iraq. “This unfortunate statement is both inaccurate and damaging … [and] can have no effect but to demoralize the brave men and women who are honorably fulfilling their mission in Iraq,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter of California in a letter to Mr. Reid. Mr. Hunter, an Army Ranger in the Vietnam War whose son, a Marine, is returning to Iraq for his third combat tour, wrote that his friendship with Mr. Reid is secondary to his obligation to the nation’s wartime military forces. “In light of the fact that this statement has both been used by our adversaries and has exhibited a marked lack of leadership to U.S. troops, I call on you to resign your leadership position,” said Mr. Hunter, who is running for president. Mr. Hunter added that Mr. Reid’s comments “will undoubtedly be used by terrorist leaders to rally their followers — inevitably leading to increased attacks on U.S. and coalition forces.” A spokesman for Mr. Reid declined to respond directly about the letter. “I’m not going to dignify that comment from a presidential wannabe,” Reid spokesman Jim Manley said yesterday. Mr. Manley added that if Mr. Hunter is so concerned about winning the war in Iraq he should work with his own party to draft a workable solution instead of “lashing out” at the opposition.

Exit Question: Why are antiwar legislators lauded as ‘providing responsible government oversight’, while those who support our mission are ‘lashing out’? Read responses and discuss in our forum.

McCain officially jumps into presidential race – John McCain News

McCain officially jumps into presidential race – John McCain News – MSNBC.com

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – Republican John McCain officially entered the 2008 presidential race Wednesday, stressing his experience honed in war and Washington as he sought to revive his struggling campaign.

“We face formidable challenges, but I’m not afraid of them. I’m prepared for them,” said the four-term Arizona senator, ex-Navy pilot and former Vietnam captive.

In a speech in the first-in-the-nation primary state, McCain stressed the wisdom he’s acquired over time rather than the decades themselves as he sought to make the case that he’s the most qualified to succeed President Bush amid challenges at home and abroad.

A campaign re-start
“I’m not the youngest candidate. But I am the most experienced,” said the 70-year-old who could be the oldest first-term president, drawing cheers. “I know how to fight and how to make peace. I know who I am and what I want to do.”

The announcement, seven years after he lost the GOP nomination to George W. Bush, was no surprise; McCain’s intentions have long been clear as he has spent months campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and elsewhere.

Still, the event – and a planned four-day romp through early primary states and his Arizona home – gives McCain an opportunity to restart his campaign after a troubling four-month period. He went from presumed front-runner for the GOP nomination at year’s end to trailing former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in national polls and ex-Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts in money raised.

Exclusive Interview with Duncan Hunter.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Congressman Duncan Hunter. Here are some excerpts of that interview…

On border security:

HOC: Another question for you about the fence, if I could Congressman. About two weeks ago I wrote a story on the Conservative Voice. I called the story “Bush Fails on the Fence”. I know that you were one of the primary sponsors of the Secure Fence Act.

DH: I wrote it.

HOC: Yes sir. As the article states, and your quote in that story, you basically stated, “I drafted that bill and doggone it, it’s the law. Follow the law”. Can you give me a little bit of your thoughts on how this administration has watered down border security and kind of swept that part of national security under the rug,  so to speak?

DH: Well, first I do consider border security primarily a national security issue. And I built the double fence when the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, between San Diego and Tijuana. Which at that point was the number one smuggler’s corridor in America through which most of the illegal aliens and narcotics that came into our country were smuggled. We built the San Diego border fence, and it’s a double fence. It’s not like that little scraggly fence that you see on CNN with everybody climbing over it. If anybody can climb our fence, we will send them to the Olympics immediately.

On the Fair Tax:

HOC: Well, God love you for that Congressman.  I don’t want to spend this entire time on immigration because your stance on that is fairly well known. But you’re positions are quite conservative and I tend to agree with you  on a lot of those issues. What I would like to do is talk about fiscal discipline and some of the things that you’ve proposed. On your website, it quite clearly states that we must “aggressively attack the creation and funding of duplicative federal programs” and you want to do that by reforming certain departments. I want to ask you, is that going to include reducing or taking steps to eliminate agencies like the Department of Education and the IRS?

DH: First, lets take the last one first. I’m a sponsor of the Fair Tax. Now we spend about $250 billion a year plus preparing, defending and shaping our lives around the tax code of the United States. That’s money that doesn’t go to feed anybody. It doesn’t go to send any kids to college. It doesn’t go to create new jobs. It’s just paperwork money that is a cost to the American citizen. And if we have the Fair Tax, we eliminate that massive overhead, that massive bureaucracy. I like that. Another thing I like about the Fair Tax is it gives a more level playing field on trade. Because our dumb bunnies, the people that negotiated our trade deals with the rest of the world, said this: Every other trading partner in the world gets to refund its taxes to its manufacturers, they have value added taxes. So, they all work tax free. Every country can do that under the deal we signed except one country. Guess who? The United States of America.

Don’t be mistaken. Duncan Hunter is a true conservative. And he deserves a good, hard look. The entire interview can be heard here, in the pod-viewer.

Fred Thompson still tracking strong.

Former Senator Fred Thompson continues to build momentum, despite having not declared his intentions. As this press release from Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee indicates, Thompson tracks extremely well. This fact has to be disconcerting to the declared GOP field.

Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee

(Knoxville, TN) – Leading up to an April 18th meeting with Members of Congress in Washington and a May 4th speech to the Orange County, California Lincoln Club, new polls show growing support for former Senator Fred Thompson’s possible presidential campaign.


Although Thompson has not announced his intentions, polls consistently show him in second and third place nationally in the race for the Republican nomination for president. The latest CNN poll released yesterday indicates that without campaigning a single day, Thompson continues to have a strong third place showing with 12 percent behind Mayor Ruddy Giuliani and Senator John McCain and ahead of Governor Mitt Romney.


In a surprise upset, Thompson handedly won an Oklahoma Republican Party Straw Poll held over the weekend earning 32.5 percent of the vote. Giuliani drew 9.4 percent and both McCain and Romney drew 4.5 percent.


Conservative website NewsMax reported an online poll of close to 100,000 people showing Thompson’s favorable rating at 94 percent with 77 percent indicating support for him should he choose to run. In a head-to-head line up with other declared or possible Republican candidates, Thompson received 62.54 percent support.


“Obviously we continue to be thrilled with these numbers. Polls, though, don’t tell the whole story. We are hearing every day from people across America who are not looking at polls. They are looking at the person and they are choosing Fred Thompson.” said Dean Rice, treasurer for the Draft Committee.

Border Security, War on Terror Are Top Issues for Conservatives

Great perspective from the loft.  The issues that resonate are all there.

The Loft » Blog Archive » Border Security, War on Terror Are Top Issues for Conservatives

Although legislators may try to sneak an immigration reform bill through Congress, grassroots conservatives will be watching. Among a host of issues presented to members of GOPUSA’s Grassroots Survey Team, border security still topped the chart. This means conservatives will be looking for real reform — not pandering.

In a survey conducted this week (view full survey results here) by GOPUSA’s Grassroots Survey Team, respondents were asked to indicate which issue they felt was the most important facing America today.

Of the nineteen issues listed, Border Security/Immigration was the top choice with 38%. In second was War on Terror at 32%. Moral Decline was the third choice at 9%.

Conservatives continue to look for direction from the Republican Party — a message around which they can rally and inspire others. When asked “What should be the primary focus of the Republican Party?”, the top choice among respondents was “Crafting a clear, unifying message to combat the Democrats and the media” with 44%. In second was “Holding elected Republican officials accountable to the platform and their campaign promises” with 26%.

Conservatives are also frustrated with Republicans in Washington. 95% of respondents do not feel that Republicans “have been strong enough in standing up to the Democrats.” 94% do not feel that Republicans have been strong enough in “pushing for conservative legislation and policies.”

With over 2,500 respondents participating, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani lead the pack of announced presidential candidates with 11% and 9%, respectively. Tom Tancredo is in third with 10%, followed by Sam Brownback at 4% and John McCain at 3%. Unannounced candidates Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich dominate the group, however with 36% and 18% respectively.

The Republican Party needs to wake up. Being not quite as bad as the Democrats is not a platform and not a position from which to inspire and motivate. The party needs to stand for basic principles and work to get those principles implemented into law and policy. It is clear that grassroots Republicans are looking for change — a fresh direction. The Republican Party must deliver.