Thompson tied at the top in new Rassmussen Poll

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has to share his spot atop the field of Republican Presidential hopefuls this week. The newest face in the race, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, is now tied with Giuliani. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds each man earning support from 24% of likely Republican Primary voters. A week ago, Giuliani had a six percentage point lead over Thompson, 23% to 17%.

It is not unusual for a candidate to gain ground in the polls when they first announce their intentions. However, Thompson’s rise has been meteoric. It remains to be seen whether the reality of his candidacy can measure up to its allure as an alternative for those dissatisfied with the other candidates in the field. At the moment, 59% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of their newest candidate. Just 14% hold an unfavorable opinion of Thompson while 27% are not sure.

Also note, that as we discussed here as long ago as April, McCain would pay the heaviest price when Thompson declared. 

Just as startling as Thompson’s rise in this week’s poll is the continuing loss of support for Arizona Senator John McCain. The man once considered the dominant front runner in the race is now supported by just 11% of likely Republican Primary voters nationwide. That’s down from 17% in May and 14% a week ago. His support is just half of what it was in January.

A big thanks to my good friends over at FredThompsonMO for the link.  Check them out for all things Fred Thompson.

John McCain on immigration: Ed Morrissey’s CQ Radio.

Here is an excerpt of Ed’s interview with Senator McCain from Tuesday…

SM: By the way, we’ve got plenty of time, Ed so. Go ahead.

EM: Ok, Ok great. Now, have you or your coalition begun to do any sort of vote counting on the Immigration Bill that’s in congress. Do you got a sense of where that’s going?

SM: Hm. No because it varies with the issues but we did beat back, you know, some rather crippling amendments. One of them by one vote in the weeks debate. I think what’s going to happen people are going to go home and get a sense of where their constituents are and so it could be shifting, know what I mean

EM: Right, do you sense some; are you sensing any momentum towards the compromise?

SM: Well, as you know, I am always digging for the pony but I think that that New York Times poll and other polling data that I’ve seen indicates that the majority of Americans but more importantly to me, majority of Republicans favor this approach to a comprehensive approach and the specifics, so I hope that’s felt and I understand that talk show is, most of the conservative talk shows are very strongly opposed although I am glad to see Bill O’Reilly and some others are, you know, at least willing to see how this thing turns out, but overall, I was encouraged by a lot of the polling data that I saw

EM: You know, Senator, that Rasmussen did a poll last week that showed that there was an overwhelming amount of support for a borders-first approach, or at least – wait, let me actually make that a little more accurate — there was an enormous amount of support for a border security be the most important part of this. I mean, you’ve worked on this issue for years; why can’t we do a border security bill, a really comprehensive border security bill first and then get to normalization later?

SM: Well, that’s exactly what we are doing in my view and that’s why this eighteen-month period, of securing the border, appropriating the money, building the fences or at least certainly have the plans, hiring the, now it’s up to twenty thousand, I believe, border guards is vital to it. You see, I think one of the reasons why last time, although it got to the Senate it wasn’t going anywhere in the House was because the people in the House who I admit that they are very close to their constituents, said exactly that, “Look, you’re going to do what we did in ‘86”. You’re going to say that we’re going to fix the border but you didn’t and we got many millions more people coming in this country illegally. So, we’re trying to emphasize the trigger that eighteen month which by the way was born of Johnny Isaaccson, the Senator from Georgia that we have to have that certification by the Department of Homeland Security and I would imagine before this legislation is done, it will have to be certified by somebody else too, like maybe the government accountability office or you know somebody like that. So, we’re trying to emphasize that, Ed, border security first. National security, national security, national security. Three people who wanted to attack Fort Dix got across our border illegally.

EM: And I think that’s the reason why a lot of conservatives have kind of taken a deep breath and taken a second look at this approach. I think the issue is, for them, how to get them to trust that Congress and the enforcing agencies are actually going to follow through on those border triggers and border security triggers and employment triggers in a way that they feel safe about proceeding on to the next level. I think that this is basically saying we just don’t trust Congress to do it.

SM: And that skepticism is well justified because of what happened in ’86. Look, we all love and revere Ronald Reagan. We want to do everything exactly like him and I quote him every other sentence but you know, that was a failure in that administration. We said we would secure the borders in return for giving amnesty, we didn’t secure the borders, we gave amnesty so the skepticism and concern is very legitimate. The response I have to that is, one, then you want to maintain the status quo, which we all agree is unacceptable. The status quo is totally unacceptable and one of the responses that very quickly will be, well just enforce existing laws. Nobody believes that, Chertoff doesn’t believe it, nobody believes it and if we leave the status quo, then you have de facto amnesty. You have de facto amnesty because they will be allowed to stay here. And so we, I understand the skepticism, it is legitimate because of their remembrance of the past and people are frankly, I’m not going to use the word frightened, but people are deeply concerned about a situation where our national security is involved, because this whole issue changed since 9/11. We’ve got to show them two things. 1. A legitimate path to securing our borders but also convince them that alone, just securing the border alone, will not solve the problem. Thirty percent of the people here illegally, as you know Ed, didn’t come across our border they came here with a valid visa, just over staying. You’ve got to dry up that magnet that’s pulling people across which is the jobs and prove to the skeptics that they cannot get a job unless they go through this proper process that we are setting up which means a tamper proof biometric document…

The transcript can be found at Heading Right and the podcast is available on the CQ Radio Homepage.

My hat off to Ed Morrissey.  John McCain and Mitt Romney in the same week.  Ed is truly an ambassador for citizen journalism.  And the courtesy extended to any of us by newsmakers is due in part to his efforts.  If you aren’t tuning in to CQ Radio every day, you’re just missing the boat.

Thompson blows the field away in GA.

Support for Senator Thompson continues to swell.  It should be easy for him to count the southern states as ‘gimmies’.  On a side note, Sen. McCain seems on his way out.  A key factor in any decision by close freind Fred Thompson.  McCain’s border and immigration stance is a deal breaker in many southern and southwestern states.  If he doesn’t finish first or a very strong second in the Iowa straw poll, look for him to fade fast. 

The following is a press release dated 5-22-07 from Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee: 

 (Knoxville, TN) – In one of the strongest signs to date of the growing support for a Fred Thompson presidential campaign, Georgia Republican activists overwhelmingly supported Thompson in a Saturday straw poll by a margin of more than two-to-one over the second place finisher, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.


In addition, over 33 state legislators and elected officials led by State Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson and Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxedine have joined the Draft Fred Thompson 2008 effort to encourage Thompson to run.


“Senator Thompson is exactly the person we need in this campaign.  His optimistic vision and leadership can draw in people and build coalitions we have not seen since President Reagan’s campaigns,” said State Senator Eric Johnson, Georgia President Pro Tempore.


The straw poll, jointly conducted by the Georgia Young Republicans and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia, showed 44 percent support for Thompson and 18 percent for Gingrich. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani received 15 percent followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with nine percent.  Senator John McCain received two percent of the vote.


“If the Republican base started sky writing, the message would not be any clearer – voters want Fred Thompson to run and they want him to win,” said Dean Rice, Draft Committee Treasurer.

The Hunt for a Fred October: Fred Thompson, in or out?

It’s not news that the media is abuzz with speculation as to a possible Fred Thompson run at the Presidency. As ‘Law and Order’ co-star Sam Waterston noted today, it’s the worst held secret in Washington. Join us tomorrow on ‘House of Chin Live” as we discuss the implications of a Thompson announcement. Our guest will be former Thompson aide and current co-host of “The Voice”, Kelvin Moxley. We’ll also discuss insights from ‘Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee’ co-chair and U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp. Rep. Wamp was unable to commit to a live interview due to House committee meetings. However, House of Chin conducted an exclusive interview, prior to broadcast, for this program.

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Exclusive Interview with Duncan Hunter.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Congressman Duncan Hunter. Here are some excerpts of that interview…

On border security:

HOC: Another question for you about the fence, if I could Congressman. About two weeks ago I wrote a story on the Conservative Voice. I called the story “Bush Fails on the Fence”. I know that you were one of the primary sponsors of the Secure Fence Act.

DH: I wrote it.

HOC: Yes sir. As the article states, and your quote in that story, you basically stated, “I drafted that bill and doggone it, it’s the law. Follow the law”. Can you give me a little bit of your thoughts on how this administration has watered down border security and kind of swept that part of national security under the rug,  so to speak?

DH: Well, first I do consider border security primarily a national security issue. And I built the double fence when the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, between San Diego and Tijuana. Which at that point was the number one smuggler’s corridor in America through which most of the illegal aliens and narcotics that came into our country were smuggled. We built the San Diego border fence, and it’s a double fence. It’s not like that little scraggly fence that you see on CNN with everybody climbing over it. If anybody can climb our fence, we will send them to the Olympics immediately.

On the Fair Tax:

HOC: Well, God love you for that Congressman.  I don’t want to spend this entire time on immigration because your stance on that is fairly well known. But you’re positions are quite conservative and I tend to agree with you  on a lot of those issues. What I would like to do is talk about fiscal discipline and some of the things that you’ve proposed. On your website, it quite clearly states that we must “aggressively attack the creation and funding of duplicative federal programs” and you want to do that by reforming certain departments. I want to ask you, is that going to include reducing or taking steps to eliminate agencies like the Department of Education and the IRS?

DH: First, lets take the last one first. I’m a sponsor of the Fair Tax. Now we spend about $250 billion a year plus preparing, defending and shaping our lives around the tax code of the United States. That’s money that doesn’t go to feed anybody. It doesn’t go to send any kids to college. It doesn’t go to create new jobs. It’s just paperwork money that is a cost to the American citizen. And if we have the Fair Tax, we eliminate that massive overhead, that massive bureaucracy. I like that. Another thing I like about the Fair Tax is it gives a more level playing field on trade. Because our dumb bunnies, the people that negotiated our trade deals with the rest of the world, said this: Every other trading partner in the world gets to refund its taxes to its manufacturers, they have value added taxes. So, they all work tax free. Every country can do that under the deal we signed except one country. Guess who? The United States of America.

Don’t be mistaken. Duncan Hunter is a true conservative. And he deserves a good, hard look. The entire interview can be heard here, in the pod-viewer.

Fred Thompson still tracking strong.

Former Senator Fred Thompson continues to build momentum, despite having not declared his intentions. As this press release from Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee indicates, Thompson tracks extremely well. This fact has to be disconcerting to the declared GOP field.

Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee

(Knoxville, TN) – Leading up to an April 18th meeting with Members of Congress in Washington and a May 4th speech to the Orange County, California Lincoln Club, new polls show growing support for former Senator Fred Thompson’s possible presidential campaign.


Although Thompson has not announced his intentions, polls consistently show him in second and third place nationally in the race for the Republican nomination for president. The latest CNN poll released yesterday indicates that without campaigning a single day, Thompson continues to have a strong third place showing with 12 percent behind Mayor Ruddy Giuliani and Senator John McCain and ahead of Governor Mitt Romney.


In a surprise upset, Thompson handedly won an Oklahoma Republican Party Straw Poll held over the weekend earning 32.5 percent of the vote. Giuliani drew 9.4 percent and both McCain and Romney drew 4.5 percent.


Conservative website NewsMax reported an online poll of close to 100,000 people showing Thompson’s favorable rating at 94 percent with 77 percent indicating support for him should he choose to run. In a head-to-head line up with other declared or possible Republican candidates, Thompson received 62.54 percent support.


“Obviously we continue to be thrilled with these numbers. Polls, though, don’t tell the whole story. We are hearing every day from people across America who are not looking at polls. They are looking at the person and they are choosing Fred Thompson.” said Dean Rice, treasurer for the Draft Committee.

New Polling data.

New polls in from…

POLL: Strategic Vision (R) MI & PA Primaries

Two new Strategic Vision (R) statewide surveys of 1200 likely voters in both Michigan and Pennsylvania (conducted 4/13 through 4/15) find:

* Among Republicans in Michigan, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani runs at 26%, while Sen. John McCain runs at 22% in a statewide primary. Among Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton runs at 29%, Sen. Barack Obama at 24%, and former Sen. John Edwards at 22%.
* Among Republicans in Pennsylvania, Giuliani leads McCain 44% to 17%; Among Democrats, Clinton leads Obama 33% to 23%.

Right rips ‘Rudy McRomney’

That’s correct.  We are the base.  We control if you can carry your strongholds or not.  And we’re pretty pissed so you better start listening. 

Psst. Be sure to click through and read the whole piece.  It’s go some great numbers.

Right rips ‘Rudy McRomney’ – Nation/Politics – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Some conservatives searching for a new Ronald Reagan are rejecting “Rudy McRomney” and seeking an alternative Republican presidential candidate, opening the door to dark-horse hopefuls, including former Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Still reeling from losses in the midterm congressional elections last year, nearly 6 in 10 Republicans said in a recent poll that they want more choices for November 2008.
Many conservatives are displeased with the trio of candidates dominating press coverage of the Republican 2008 field — former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
“None of these candidates in the first tier or second tier have done anything that would convict them of being a conservative leader,” said Richard A. Viguerie, author of “Conservatives Betrayed.”
“Conservatives should withhold their support from all of the presidential wannabes at this point in time. Not one of them has provided conservative leadership on issues of importance to us in the last 10 years, so why should we support them at this time?” he said.

Rudy Giuliani’s Sept. 11 Leadership Could Present Challenges to 2008 Campaign

McCain can’t resonate with the base. And Rudy is getting swift boated. Look for Fred Thompson to start getting traction. If he pulls even with McCain, the old friends are going to need to have a chat. My guess? It won’t be long after Fred starts getting double digits in the polls before he decides. – Rudy Giuliani’s Sept. 11 Leadership Could Present Challenges to 2008 Campaign – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

NEW YORK — Rudy Giuliani‘s White House aspirations are inescapably tied to Sept. 11, 2001 — for better and for worse.

While the former mayor of the nation’s largest city was widely lionized for his post-9/11 leadership — “Churchillian” was one adjective, “America’s mayor” was Oprah Winfrey’s assessment — city firefighters and their families are renewing their attacks on him for his performance before and after the terrorist attack.

“If Rudolph Giuliani was running on anything but 9/11, I would not speak out,” said Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son was among the 343 FDNY members killed in the terrorist attack. “If he ran on cleaning up Times Square, getting rid of squeegee men, lowering crime — that’s indisputable.

“But when he runs on 9/11, I want the American people to know he was part of the problem.”

Such comments contradict Giuliani’s post-Sept. 11 profile as a hero and symbol of the city’s resilience — the steadfast leader who calmed the nerves of a rattled nation. But as the presidential campaign intensifies, criticisms of his 2001 performance are resurfacing.

WP: Thompson weighs White House bid

It’s nice to see Sen. Thompson getting some MSM ink for a change. I’ll be keeping an eye on the fellows over at to see if they try to make it a battle for access to to FDT. That kind of scramble can do nothing but help. And certainly, once Fred has to give up the microphone as an official candidate, a few large outlets for his message will be key.

WP: Thompson weighs White House bid – Highlights –

“Law & Order” star and former U.S. senator Fred Dalton Thompson is considering a bid for the White House that would test whether Hollywood can once again launch a Republican to the world’s premier political stage.

His interest, confirmed in a brief interview this week, is generating buzz in Washington. He was third among Republican-leaning voters in a recent Gallup-USA Today survey, behind Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.


The onetime senator from Tennessee is known to many Americans for playing New York District Attorney Arthur Branch on “Law & Order” and an admiral in the film “The Hunt for Red October.” But his real-life record as a no-nonsense lawmaker who also served as the minority counsel to the Senate Watergate committee is appealing to party activists dissatisfied with the current crop of Republican hopefuls.

“He has a conservative bearing and a conservative presence, but he’s independent in his thinking and his voting record,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who added that Thompson is “seriously considering” a presidential campaign at the urging of many friends. “He has a commanding television presence that makes every other politician in America jealous.”