A funny commentary on Rosie

This, from one of my compatriates at The Conservative Voice.  Good Stuff.  I’d post the photo, but Rosie took it down after the outrage started pouring in. 

I swore I’d never write about Rosie again, but I feel prompted to.

Rosie O’Donnell is a terrible mother. It’s one thing if she wants to be an anti-war wacko. It’s quite another if she wants to exploit her children.

On June 26th Rosie put up a picture of her daughter Vivi (age 5) wearing a bandoleer of bullets around her chest. The kid seems to be decked out with a head wrap and what appears to be a robe. She looks like a little terrorist in training.

It’s asinine on so many levels. First of all, Rosie’s a big anti gun nut – where on earth did she find a bandoleer of bullets (even if they’re fake)? The bullets in question are gigantic. It is definitely the accessory of a large, automatic assault rifle. I haven’t seen a children’s toy like that and even if there was, would Rosie actually buy it for her kids? I thought she was a big liberal peacenik.

Secondly little Vivi looks like a terrorist. I guess the lesson is “Violence is okay if you’re killing Jews and Americans.” I can’t even begin to imagine the psychological damage to her daughter. How long did they let this little kid run around like this snapping pictures of her the whole time? What did they tell little Vivi as they were doing it? “Well mommy needs to prostitute you for left wing causes.”?

Thirdly aren’t you endangering your child? Rosie has a following of wackos and now every single one of them knows what her kid looks like. Have you read what some of your nutzoid followers are writing? It should bother you. Have you no concern for the well being of your child?

What the hell is your stupid message anyway? “The world is a violent place it’s somehow all the Conservatives fault.”? What an idiot. If you want to talk about the goodness and virtues of terrorism that’s fine, but bringing your kid in to it?

For the libs out there: Stop focusing on the politics and consider the psychology of the kid involved please. But of course, “the people” are always just a tool for you. “The Children” are just a means to an end of putting yourselves in charge.

I can’t even begin to imagine how screwed up this kid is. Child Protective Services should be called in…of course, Rosie is a rich white woman with tons of high priced lawyers at her beck and call and friends in high places. So nothing will be done. If this was some kid from the hood or a kid of poor Muslim immigrants CPS would be right there. Yay! The system continues to fail with people like Rosie decrying the “unfairness” even as they reap the benefits themselves. Ironic that people like Rosie are their own biggest criminals.

Rosie and her ilk need serious help. It’s okay though, Rosie will ride the wave of controversy to another million dollar contract – and they’ll call it “justice”….


Eurabia begins to show it’s true colors.

The UK’s national terrorism threat has been raised to its highest level after an attack on Glasgow Airport was linked to two car bombs found in London. Two men were arrested after ramming a burning car into the airport’s main terminal, a day after police thwarted two attempted bombings in the capital.

Police said one of the men wore a “suspect device” and the incident was being treated as terror related.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged the public to remain vigilant.

“I know the British people will stand together, united and resolute,” he added.

‘Clear similarities’

Strathclyde Police told a news conference the attack on Glasgow Airport was now being linked to the car-bomb plot in London – foiled by police on Friday.

Chief Constable Willie Rae said: “There are clearly similarities, and we can confirm that this is being treated as a terrorist incident.”

Two men were arrested at the scene at 1515 BST after the blazing car was driven into the airport’s main terminal.

Glasgow airport

Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident at Glasgow Airport

Airport attack was terrorism

Car bomb leads

One of the suspects taken to the city’s Royal Alexandra Hospital to be treated for severe burns was in possession of “a suspect device” which had been found on his person, Chief Constable Rae said.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said the suspect device was thought to be a “suicide belt”.

Fred in Nashville

The death Cult of Hamas


People are trying to ensure free and open elections can take place.  And Hamas vows to kill them.  Yet Nancy Pelosi thinks we should just talk to these people.  Get real. 

The armed wing of Hamas has rejected calls by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, for the deployment of international troops in the Gaza Strip, vowing to attack them like other “occupation forces”.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement on Saturday: “We will only receive these forces with shells and rockets.”


In talks on Friday with Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, Abbas had called for deployment of international forces into Gaza where Hamas routed his forces on June 15.


Early electionsAbbas had said that the deployment of foreign troops was necessary to provide security for early parliamentary and presidential elections that he plans to organise in the coming months.

Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas spokesman, said talks about elections at the present time will not solve the crisis facing Palestinians.        Hamad did however say that Hamas has no issues with holding elections if all Palestinian factions agree to it.

Amnesty gets a smackdown

More from Sen. Jim DeMint…

June 28th, 2007 – Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) made the following statement after the Senate immigration bill was defeated on a cloture vote of 46-53. This motion to end debate required 60 votes for adoption.

“When the U.S. Senate brought the Amnesty bill back up this week, they declared war on the American people. This act created a crisis of confidence in their government. Thankfully, the American people won today,” said Senator DeMint. “This is remarkable because it shows that Americans are engaged and they care deeply about their country. They care enough for their country to get mad and to fight for it, and that’s the most important thing of all. Americans made phone calls and sent letters, and convinced the Senate to stop this bill.”

“The Senate rejected this bill and the heavy-handed tactics used to ram it through. Americans do not want more of the same – amnesty and broken promises on the border. Americans want legislation to be written in public – not in secret – and they want Congress to engage in an open and fair debate.”

“There is a better way forward without this bill. The President has said that the border security measures can be implemented over the next 18 months, and they can be done under current law. Now the Administration needs to prove it and stop holding border security hostage for amnesty.”

“Once we have secured the border and restored trust with the American people, we can begin to take additional steps.”  

Fred Thompson speaks on Ed Morrissey’s CQ Radio

Here’s a great statement from Senator Thompson with his reaction to the left painting him as an insider Washington Lobbyist.

Listen Here

Bush and the Senate try to filch $4.4B from your pocket.

This is a release from Sen. Jim DeMint’s office….

June 27th, 2007 – Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) released Wednesday a report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) which says the new Senate immigration bill contains a major loophole in border security. Supporters of the bill say it provides $4.4 billion in immediate mandatory spending for border enforcement, but according to the CRS analysis, the funds could also be used immediately to implement the amnesty provisions in the bill.

“This is just another example of how this bill claims to do one thing but does something else entirely. It’s another example of an empty promise being used to buy votes for amnesty,” said Senator DeMint. “The supporters of this bill have been running around trying to convince people that this money will be used to secure the border first, but now we know that’s not the case. If you read the fine print, the bill says this money can also be used for amnesty.”

According to the CRS report provided to Senator DeMint, the mandatory spending in the bill could immediately be used for Z visas. It says, “(r)eceiving, processing, and adjudicating applications for the Z visa authorized by Title VI of the Act is one of the trigger mechanisms outlined in Section 1; this means that funding from the Immigration Security Account could be used for this purpose.”

In addition, the report says the funds could be used for Y visas and other programs once the trigger mechanisms have been met but it does not require the Secretary of Homeland Security to certify the trigger. The report says, “S. 1639 does not explicitly stipulate whether the certification required by Section 1 would have to take place prior to funding being made available for the additional purposes outlined in Section 2(C).”

“Not only can this money be used for things other then border security and enforcement, it looks like another backdoor trick to promote amnesty,” said Senator DeMint. “If Congress appropriates money later this year for the border, the money provided in this bill will turn into a slush fund the Administration can use to ensure illegal immigrants are legalized.”

So you see, It’s one big back-door scheme to re-allocate money from Border Security to fasttracking illegals for ‘voting status’.  Nothing about ‘immigration’ will be ‘reformed’ in this bill.  Those whose choose to remain here illegally will do so.  The voter base will grow as a result of the $4.4B slush fund to speed up ‘applications’.  The tax base will not grow because, as the Heritage Institute study points out, the people in question equal a net loss in government revenue.  We will have sent a message that we only enforce the laws that provide the lawmakers with political leverage.

And most importantly, we will remain a fundamentally ‘unsovereign’ nation.

Call the White House and your Senators.  Enough is enough.