A path less travelled…at least by me.

Blogging is a strange and curious thing to call a hobby, or even a pastime. I began this little wood carving in March of this year. For the most part, it has been somewhat like a video game. What can I write or post that others will want to read? How many pages views can I get? Is 1300 a very few or a very little?

But, as with most games, there is a pattern. And once you have determined that pattern, the allure of the game fades quickly. It becomes a rote repetition of the steps your experience has taught you will yield a previous outcome that you consider to be satisfactory for your effort.

However, at least to me, the measure is too simple. So, we will now try a new path. The one less traveled. I’d tell you that I know where it leads. But I have no clue, which is the beauty of it.

So, al a Monty Python….

“And now, for something completely different” <at least for HouseofChin>

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