Samarra Mosgue hit by Al Qaida again.

Here we go again.  Every election cycle, Al Qaida ramps up the efforts to foment sectarian violence.  Smart bastards when it comes to PR.  Too bad most Americans aren’t that smart. 

BAGHDAD (June 13) – Suspected al-Qaida insurgents on Wednesday destroyed the two minarets of the Askariya Shiite  shrine in Samarra, authorities reported, in a repeat of a 2006 bombing that shattered its famous Golden Dome and unleashed a wave of retaliatory sectarian violence  that still bloodies Iraq .

Police said the attack at about 9 a.m. involved explosives and brought down the two minarets, which had flanked the dome’s ruins. No casualties were reported.

The attack, blamed on Sunni  Muslim extremists, immediately stirred fears of a new explosion of Sunni-Shiite bloodshed. State television said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki  quickly imposed an indefinite curfew on vehicle traffic and large gatherings in Baghdad , as of 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The Iraqi leader also met with the U.S. commander in Iraq to ask that American reinforcements be sent into Samarra to help head off new violence in the flashpoint city 60 miles north of Baghdad, al-Maliki’s office said.

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