Seperation of Church and State repealed in NY

What the heck is going on in NY?  I should know better than to ask.  I could go over all the basic points here.  But they are glaringly obvious.  I won’t wait for the ACLU to show up.   Cowards.  


By Melanie Pritchard

Watch the story

In December, 1992, parents and students in the Williamsville School District protested the elimination of religious music and symbols in schools. A letter sent Monday to parents of sixth graders at Mill Middle school about a class trip is stirring up the controversy again. “We don’t have Christmas in school, we don’t have Easter, we don’t have Halloween. All that stuff’s been taken out.”
On Wednesday, the students will visit the Universal School and Islamic Community Center on Heim Road and the Hindu Cultural Center on French Road. The letter says the trip is meant to “develop a broader understanding of these religions’ beliefs and worship practices.”
A dad who wants to remain anonymous says his son won’t be going on the trip. He wonders why parents were given just two days notice, when they typically get at least a week. He also questions the destinations. “You just happened to pick two of them that everybody wants to be politically correct with. You didn’t pick a church, you didn’t go to the Jewish center.”
“In the Williamsville School District, there are so many different religions,” said Heather Neuss, Co-President of the Mill Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association. “So I think they’re just learning about what some of their friends believe.” Neuss says no one raised any objections last Fall when the PTSA discussed and approved a request to help fund this field trip. “As far as the PTSA goes, it’s the bridge from the community to the school. So it was fine as far as we were concerned.”
The letter to parents also says girls must wear a scarf while visiting the Islamic Community Center. School officials call a sign of respect, but this dad says it’s going too far. “To me this is more of an indoctrination into a religion than teaching.”
The school district did not want to comment on the issue.


  1. When will people finally come to their senses and just admit.

    Islam Sucks.

    Mohammed was a child molester and a serial killer.

    Only a misinformed person or a person with a mental disability
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    Everything about Islam is against the law here.

    Honor killings, stonings, sexual mutilation, floggings, beatings and bombings.

    This is the true Islam.

    Islam SUCKS – Real Bad.

  2. Religion is the true measure of human ignorance.

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