Bush spits into the wind on immigration.

This just simply isn’t going to happen.  The first brush off was bad enough.  No way Republicans do a flip flop on this. 

WASHINGTON (June 12) – President Bush , wading deeper into an issue that bitterly divides his party, hopes a personal appeal can help persuade skeptical Republicans to resurrect and pass his immigration  bill.

President Bush, seen here at the White House on Monday, is optimistic that his attempt to legalize up to 12 million unlawful immigrants while tightening border security will be successful.

Saul Loeb, AFP / Getty Images


Over lunch Tuesday in the Capitol, Bush planned an effort to change enough minds among GOP  senators to salvage one of his top domestic priorities. The measure, which legalizes up to 12 million unlawful immigrants and tightens border security, stalled last week in the face of broad Republican  opposition.

Bush “will talk about the fact that immigration reform is too important to let this opportunity pass, and this is the best opportunity that we have had in decades to reform the broken immigration system,” said Scott Stanzel, a White House spokesman.

It’s the president’s latest and most overt attempt to sell Congress  on the immigration overhaul, which was shaped by his views and drafted by an unlikely liberal-to-conservative coalition in close consultation with two Cabinet secretaries.

“I’ll see you at the bill signing,” Bush predicted Monday.

The measure exposes deep divisions among both parties, but it was Republicans who stood in its way last week when all but seven of them blocked a Democratic effort to put it on a fast track to passage.


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