Tom Tnacredo on Amnesty getting shot down.

Tancredo will certainly not be the nominee.  But this country needs people like him in Congress. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Tom!  NOTE to GOP candidates: Immigration and border enforcement will not go away between now and 2008.  You better start taking it seriously and addressing it in your campaign.  Put yourself on the wrong side of this issue, and find yourself out in the cold, quickly!

Throughout a House career that now is in its fifth term, Colorado
Republican Tom Tancredo has reveled in his image as the firmest of
hardliners on the issue of illegal immigration.So it was hardly surprising on Friday when Tancredo — who is staging a
longshot bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination while not
forgoing a possible House re-election campaign next year — declared
himself “exuberant” over the scuttling of a bipartisan compromise
Senate immigration bill.

Tancredo and other conservative critics branded the bill a proposed
“amnesty” for the millions of illegal immigrants currently in the
United States — despite protests from supporters of the bill, including

President Bush, that the opponents had distorted the intentions of the measure.

“Because Americans refused to be silent, amnesty was defeated last
night and our nation won a great victory against those who would sell
us out,” he said in a statement.

Tancredo has made illegal immigration the main focus of his campaign,
often using provocative tactics to win attention for his core issue.

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