US Forces discover Al Qaida Prison in Iraq, Free Captives

Wait: I thought Al Qaida wasn’ even in Iraq? Good job guys!!!

BAGHDAD – U.S. forces raided an al-Qaida hide-out northeast of Baghdad
on Sunday and freed 42 Iraqis imprisoned inside, including some who had
been tortured and suffered broken bones, a senior U.S. military
official said Sunday.

raid was part of a 3-month-old security crackdown that included the
deployment of 3,000 more U.S. troops to Diyala, a violent province
north of the capital that has seen heavy fighting in recent weeks, said
Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, the top U.S. military spokesman in


Caldwell said Iraqis told U.S. forces about the hide-out: “The people in Diyala are speaking up against al-Qaida.”

Caldwell said the 42 freed Iraqis marked the largest number of captives ever found in a single al-Qaida prison.

Some of the freed Iraqis had been held for as long as four months
and some had injuries from torture and were being taken to medical
facilities for treatment, he said.

Also Sunday, U.S. and Iraqi troops raided Baghdad’s Sadr City slum
on Sunday, targeting Shiite insurgent cells there for a second day,
arresting one suspect believed to be involved in smuggling

high-powered, armor piercing bombs from Iran that have been used
against U.S. armored vehicles, the U.S. military said. The cell has
also sent Iraqi militants to Iran for training, the military said.

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  1. Al-Qaeda is committing the most horrid barbarity in Iraq, trying to throw that country into chaos. Recently the BOMBED a funeral procession killing dozens of people. Al Qaeda is in Iraq trying to de-stabilize that country. I have heard they are fighting with the locals in the restless Anbar Province. They need to be wiped out.

  2. By the dept of the defense statistics, less than 10% of the attacks in Iraq are caused by Al-Qaeda….which is 10% more than prior US occupation. The choas is the direct result of us removing the infrastructure and not any single force. It may make you feel better to say Al-Qaeda, but this is completely at variance with every fact we know. Stop using rhetoric.

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