Pew Survey says some American Muslims support suicide bombing.

Another example of the MSM telling have the story.  Try to tell the other half and risk being called a hate monger, racist, xenophobe.

In the first-ever, nationwide survey of Muslim Americans, the Pew
Research Center suggests that 26 percent of the 2.35 million Muslims in
the U.S. believe there are circumstances in which suicide bombings are

Nearly half (47 percent) think of themselves as
Muslim first, American second. Among those under the age of 30, 13
percent believe suicide bombings to defend their religion are sometimes
justified; 11 percent say this tactic is rarely justified; two percent
say it can often be justified.

The Pew Research Center
interviewed 1,050 randomly selected Muslim American adults aged 18 and
older, from Jan. 24 through April 30, 2007. Half identified themselves
as Sunni, 16 percent as Shiite. Sixty-five percent were foreign-born,
35 percent were born in the U.S.A. (three out of five of these are
converts to Islam).

So how did the MSM report the shocking and
frightening fact that there could be as many as 610,000 people living
among us – the population of Charlotte, NC – who can justify terrorism
against American civilians under certain circumstances?

A scan
of the headlines shows that some played it straight, some downplayed
the ramifications of the survey and some – bizarrely – chose to ignore
the threat of homegrown terrorism altogether and focus instead on how
“happy” and “assimilated” U.S. Muslims are (note the National Public
Radio and Voice of America headlines; your tax dollars at work):

† CBS News (NY): Poll: 26% Of Young US Muslims OK Bombs

† CBS 42 (TX): Poll: One In Four US Muslims OK Suicide Bombs

† KTVO (MO): Some young US Muslims OK with suicide attacks

† Lone Star Times (TX): What about the enemy within?

† Los Angeles Times: Some younger US Muslims say suicide bombings could be justified

† Reuters: Poll finds some US Muslim support for suicide attacks

Burying The Lede:

† The Associated Press via York (PA) Dispatch: Poll: Most US Muslims critical of extremism, al-Qaida

† KRQE (NM): Poll: Most US Muslims reject extremism

† The Washington Post: : Pew Surveys Muslims in America

† WLBT-TV (MS): Poll: American Muslims reject suicide bombings, but pockets of discontent

† Wyoming News: Most US Muslims Reject Suicide Bombings

Bizarro Land:

† BBC News (UK): Muslims ‘well integrated’ in US

† CBC (Prince Edward Island, Canada): Muslims in US decidedly American: study

† (MI): Survey: Muslims largely assimilated in US

† The Ledger (FL): American Muslims: Happy to be here

† NPR: Pew Study Sees Muslim Americans Assimilating

† Voice of America: Poll: US Muslims Feel Post-9/11 Backlash Despite Moderate Outlook

† WBIR-TV (TN): STUDY: Some American Muslims discontent

† USA Today: Poll: Muslim Americans overwhelmingly Democratic, but conservative on many issues

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  1. The important fact left out here is: who do they support suicide bombing against? The US or Israel? Probably Israel. Given that Israel has stolen and continues to steal land from Palestinians and inflict a gradual ethnic cleansing on them, I think that suicide bombings against Israel are understandable.

  2. moteur de rechrche de startimes

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