Ron Paul Lovefest

Mark Anderson appears to be a libertarian blogger. I’ve never met the man. But he is a great example of how those that love Ron Paul really LOVE Ron Paul. Don’t get me wrong. I like some of what Ron Paul has to say. But the problem with the Libertarian folks is that you have to go all in to get any support. There’s no middle ground. And i just can’t get behind national legalization of drugs and prostitution. But that’s just me, I guess.

After watching the exchange between the pompous Rudy Giuliani and Ron
Paul, I must say that Ron Paul has earned his share of accolades for
standing steadfast against lies and contortions. Ron Paul is one of the
last sane people running for President between both major parties. It
is sad that Ron Paul has to stand alone inside of the devil’s lair. Ron
Paul is a 71-year old man, who would probably like to be retired, but
is doing what he is doing out of a sense of duty and love for his
country. You can hear the man’s love and concern for his country in the
way he speaks.

Giuliani attacked Ron Paul by falsely conflating Ron Paul’s position
with opposition to the whole of the country. This was incredibly
dishonest of Rudy, and it is sad that anybody applauded for such a
smear tactic. The government is not the country. Remember when
Republicans called it patriotic to question Clinton’s intervention in
the Balkans? That wasn’t conflated with attacking or criticizing every
last American. Don’t forget here, Ron Paul is an American himself. Is
he attacking himself by questioning government policy?

Also, Rudy
Giuliani seems to have been suffering from delusions, as he demanded
that Ron Paul withdraw a remark that Ron Paul never made. It was over
something about whether or not the U.S. “invited” the 9/11 attack, even
though Ron Paul never said such a thing. It was FOX News correspondent,
Wendell Goler, who used that phrase when questioning Ron Paul about his

Furthermore, the most absurd explanation for 9/11 is
that we were attacked for our freedoms, and because men like Rudy
Giuliani like to dress up in women’s clothing.

I would like Rudy
Giuliani to explain how, exactly, occupying foreign territory does
anything to curtail the threat of asymmetrical warfare, i.e.,
terrorism. Even President Bush himself has admitted that there was no
nexus between Iraq and 9/11. Even pretending that the terrorists did
attack us because they hate our freedoms, there is still no excuse to
justify the occupation of Iraq. Ron Paul’s position on
non-interventionism is as timely post-9/11 as it was one-hundred years

As I watched the debate, I was certain that my mind wasn’t
playing tricks on me when the “moderators” skipped over Ron Paul for a
few rounds of questions.

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  1. Fox News is a joke, I think most educated people now realize the personal agendas of the main stream media. Getting to the primaries is electing the cantidate with the most money. Money to give to these media mongrols. It is obvious that fox news’ boy is mr.9/11 himself ,Rudolf Guiliani. Rudy has no chance in hell of ever getting elected. He plays the 9/11 hero card every chance he gets .I hope people start to notice that this “terrorism scare” is just like the “red scare” of the 1950’s .These politicians try to envoke fear onto us by saying our lives are threatened by these radical islamists. Ron Paul simply tries to state that it is the fault of our foreign policy in the Middle East for the attack on 9/11.

  2. The public is becoming educated I hope. Ron’s support is strong, those who support him will not waiver.

  3. You seem to have this bass ackwards. The problem with Ron Paul is not his domestic views – legalized prostitution, drugs, ect… He’s great on those stances.

    It’s his idiotic stance on foreign policy that sinks him. He wants to sell out the United States to Al Qaeda. He thinks Islamo-Fascists pose no threat to the US.

    Ironic, that someone could support legalizing drugs, and have sexually tolerant views, yet be a patsy for the very people in the world who want to outlaw all those vices.

  4. Prostitution is already nationally legal; Prostitution laws are statewide. Every state except Nevada has a law against prostitution; There are legal brothels in Nevada.

  5. So Ron Paul supported the invasion of Afghanistan because he wants to sell out to Al Qaeda? Do you not see that THERE IS, AND NEVER WAS, A CONNECTION BETWEEN IRAQ AND AL QAEDA! There is a difference between interventionism for the sake of interventionism and attacking for a reason.

    Afghanistan = good
    Iraq = bad

    And Ron Paul knows this because he actually thinks.

  6. Eric Dondero, you are no libertarian. I must conclude that you have not spent a lick of time digesting the economic theory that forms an underpinning of a coherent libertarian line of reason. If you have, your words and actions sure do suggest otherwise.

    I see you’ve learned how to neocon the public quite well. Ron Paul has said nothing remotely like the attributions you are making of him. Islamo-Fascists (such as they are) pose a threat to us, each other, the Israelis, etc. But our military policy is not doing anything much to combat such a threat despite the substantial money that is thrown at the problem. In fact, we’ve arguably created more enemies. Why is that? You have treaded well into the territory of intellectual dishonesty.

    Simple question. Where does the money come from to pay for an expansionist military and national defense policy?

    If I understand the economic underpinnings of Ron Paul on national defense, his argument might be that the best thing the Federal government can do to ensure common defense is back off, spend less, and get our economic house of cards in order.

    Dondero, you’re like the man who defaulted on his mortgage promising his wife that the bank will foreclose their (the bank’s) house over his dead body. Which is more important for the defense of the man’s house? That he ensure the household finances are in order to keep the owner of his debt satisfied. Or that he ensure his guns are clean and operable so that he can defend against lawful repossesion of property by the true owner. National Defense starts with a sane approach to the military-industrial beast. Choking it is one very real solution. The status quo is not.

  7. Your just buying into the spin of his opponents. They say he is isolationist. No he voted for going into Afghanistan and wants to go after Al Qaeda. If Republicans really want to go after terrorism then you will have to attack Syria and Iran. You will have to also go into countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Syria and Iran were bigger state sponsors of terrorism than Iraq. Why were they not also attacked? Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than Iraq was. I guess Bush also became an isolationist after Iraq since he then hasn’t attacked Iran or Syria and they are terrorist states. This just shows he is not really serious about ending terrorism.

  8. Why do you say Iran and Syria, because they fund Hezbollah who fight the occupation of Isreal? That’s not an international terrorist organization, in fact we fund the other Palistinian faction Fatah, and they have actualy ties to Al-Qaeda, figure that one out.

    If you do want to talk about middle east states that do infact fund international terrorists like Al-Qaeda, look no further then our good buddies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. If it wasn’t real life, the author would be laughed at for writing such a ludicrous an improbable story.

  9. First off, I confess, I am guilty of being a “Ron Paul spammer” as the new derogatory term goes…

    Of course, I don’t really spam, but I do post comments to various web blogs that mention Ron Paul, or send e-mails to op-ed writers, and I use the wonderfully dynamic to put my mark on the information I value. I feel passionate about Ron Paul’s candidacy, so when I see an inaccurate characterization or confusion about his positions, I have a compelling need to weigh in on the topic. And, it ‘s fairly easy to do all this in a calm and reasonable manner because the issues can be clearly framed with solid principled explanations. All this when done right, reflects well on Ron Paul’s campaign.

    But, there are times when you run into a wall. An obstacle of such unwavering rabid hostility that your words, written or spoken, will simply have no discernible effect. At least, positively. So, it seems I have discovered the current front line in this contest of freedom versus the status quo: fear, coupled with a deeply growing entrenched hatred.

    Countering this rooted hysteria that many Americans feel toward people in the Middle East will be one of the biggest obstacles to advancing Ron Paul’s position on the war and foreign policy..

    More and more, I am hearing expressions about the “Islamo-Fascists” and there is a popular trend to make this out to be a a modern day holy war. Once you go the route of making this out to be a war of good versus evil, all rational talk pretty much goes out the window. One starts becoming exactly like the most extreme fanatics on the other side. A battle of evil versus evil.

    It’s very much what Nazi Germany did in regard to those they regarded as “not racially pure”. Once you write off a whole segment of humanity as evil, the only thing left to do is kill them all. I find this unreasoning line of thinking becoming part of our American psyche. Many Americans truly believe that we have a war between civilizations that requires the complete destruction of the opposing side.

    The Battle Cry: We must destroy Islamo-Fascists (or Krauts, Nips, Gooks) because they are evil and hate everything we stand for… The refrain is always the same, only the label changes, we never seem to learn. Somewhere there’s a line we cross that takes us from defending, warding or protecting and plunges us into a blind berserker rage raving for blood.

    If there is “Islamo Fascism” then there is surely American Fascism as well. I think the extremes on both sides are playing off each other in some strange symbiosis. The hatred here is equally matched over there, but where is reason? Is reason so rare? The ability to take a long view of history and see into the future?

    It is such irrational hatred that will be the hardest opposition to getting Ron Paul’s message of reason out.

    Too many, already, have bought into George W. Bush’s Crusade and are already marching off to a mindless ideological war.

  10. […] House of Chin: Ron Paul Lovefest […]

  11. Hah!

    Just so everyone knows. I offered 1 hour of time to a Paul blogger to advocate for Dr. Paul. My comment was not accepted. I will update you if the situation changes.

    Open offer to any Ron Paul supporter. …One hour of time to expound upon the virtues of Dr. Paul.

  12. I see Eric Dondero wrote:

    “Ironic, that someone could support legalizing drugs, and have sexually tolerant views, yet be a patsy for the very people in the world who want to outlaw all those vices.”

    Now, it is Ron Paul who is for curtailing this police state, as Eric Dondero candidly admits. But then, he amalgamates Ron Paul with “al Qaeda,” which Eric describes as an organization which favors outlawing these vices in the U.S., even though they are already outlawed. Pursuant to Eric’s own, twisted argument, isn’t it the politicians who favor keeping these vices outlawed that must be in bed with “al Qaeda?”

  13. Just take a look at Eric Dondero’s Wikipedia article (that he started on himself, of course)– anything he says is crazy and can be discounted.

  14. Hello

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


  15. The worth of a man is determined by himself. When we take our last breath, we are the ones who ask ourselves what we have done with our own life. We are the ones who send outselves to purgatory, heaven, and hell. It is obvious to all living creatures that if you support death and things that extinguish life, you will develop negative karma. And when we are in the afterlife, we all deal with the karma we have accumulated while we were alive.

    There is nothing we can do to change the truth of our own existence. Fight it all you want, it is a losing battle. Accept it and be harmonious with Life and the Universe, and your days will be peaceful and happy.

    It’s ultimately our choice. No one is responsible for the choice we make, except us. Every little act contributes to your karma, including what you write on a blog, or your support for a politician who supports human suffering and the repression of people’s rights.

    Never forget the truth of your existence, and you will never be lead astray.

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