I feel sorry for Jimmy Carter

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) – The White House on Sunday fired
back at former President Jimmy Carter, calling him
“increasingly irrelevant” a day after Carter described George
W. Bush’s presidency as the worst in history in international

Carter, a Democrat, said on Saturday in an interview with
the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that “as far as the adverse
impact on the nation around the world, this administration has
been the worst in history.”

White House spokesman Tony Fratto had declined to react on
Saturday but on Sunday fired back.

“I think it’s sad that President Carter’s reckless personal
criticism is out there,” Fratto told reporters. “I think it’s
unfortunate. And I think he is proving to be increasingly
irrelevant with these kinds of comments.”

Carter has been an outspoken critic of Bush, but the White
House has largely refrained from attacking him in return.
Sunday’s sharp response marks a departure from the deference
that sitting presidents traditionally have shown their

In the newspaper interview, Carter said Bush had taken a
“radical departure from all previous administration policies”
with the

Iraq war.

“We now have endorsed the concept of pre-emptive war where
we go to war with another nation militarily, even though our
own security is not directly threatened, if we want to change
the regime there or if we fear that some time in the future our
security might be endangered,” Carter said.

In a separate BBC interview, Carter also denounced the
close relationship between Bush and British Prime Minister


“Abominable. Loyal, blind, apparently subservient,” Carter
said when asked how he would characterize Blair’s relationship
with Bush.

“I think that the almost undeviating support by Great
Britain for the ill-advised policies of

President Bush in Iraq
have been a major tragedy for the world,” Carter said.

Carter, who was president from 1977-1981 and won the 2002
Nobel Peace Prize for his charitable work, was an outspoken
opponent of the invasion of Iraq before it was launched in

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  1. Poor Jimmy is really trying to at least be the second worse president.
    Hey Jimmy, Keep trying.. sooner or later your ship may come in!

  2. Carter has this one right. He made plenty of muistakes as President, but Bush makes Carter look like George F’ing Washington in comparison.
    The world knows, most of Americans know, even many Repubs have bailed. But, continue on as you are, and go down in flames with Bush, undoubtedly the worst Presidet ever.

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