UPDATE: Our round table last night was great fun. Moderation was handled by our fearless leader Ed Morrissey:

Panelists were:

Rick Moran

Kit Jarrell

Jim Lynch

Mike Ryan

The podcast is available now :




I and few others have started a new blog, “Heading Right”….



Heading Right


Notables (I’m not included, because I’m not notable) include:


Captains Quarters

Fausta’s Blog

Atlas Shrugged

bRight and Early



(full blogroll available at the site)


Although the blog has been up for a week or so, we’ll be kicking things off in style on debate night, May 3rd.


We’ll be doing a live blog session during the debate. Followed by a round-table ‘after action’ show on Blog Talk Radio following the debate.


Current contributors for the after action show are:


Ed Morrissey: Captain’s Quarters

Kit Jarrel: Euphoric Reality

Rick fr: bRight and Early

Mike fr: House of Chin


…but the list keeps growing…


Updates as to the panel will be available at Heading Right.






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  1. Hehehe,I would like to watch the blog 😛

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