House panel approves subpoena for Rice

I’m not sure why the Democrats are using this playbook. It makes them look ineffective as leaders.  I could understand if Bush were running for re-election.  But otherwise, it comes off as a “we’re gonna get you” move in lieu of governing.  Another year of these shenanigans will leave a mark at the polls. 

House panel approves subpoena for Rice – Politics –

In rapid succession, congressional committees Wednesday ramped up their investigations of the Bush administration by approving a subpoena for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and granting immunity to a key aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

By 21-10, the House oversight committee voted to issue a subpoena to Rice to compel her story on the Bush administration’s claim, now discredited, that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa.

Moments earlier in the committee chamber next door, the House Judiciary Committee voted 32-6 to grant immunity to Monica Goodling, Gonzales’ White House liaison, for her testimony on why the administration fired eight federal prosecutors. The panel also unanimously approved — but did not issue — a subpoena to compel her to appear.



  1. This is several years too late bro… the games that enabled our invasion of Iraq can’t be permitted to happen again.

  2. That has little or nothing to do with the timing and nature of all these plays and you know it. And, IMO, it’s not a smart play for the Dems in this election cycle.

  3. The timing is inevitable. It couldn’t have been any different… has nothing to do with an ‘election cycle’… it has to do with the fact that these committees are finally NOT led by protective lapdogs anymore. Subpoenas are flying from every angle… and should’ve been flying long ago. That’s all I’m sayin. You know where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If there’s nothing to hide, then Condi will have no problem testifying.

  4. Were it me, they’d get a hearty “pound sand.”

  5. here’s a good link for copies of the subpoenaes

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