Gore campaign team assembles in secret

If Gore runs, then the Dem money pool starts to get very diluted.  Start to pay attention to ‘Cash on Hand’ numbers as we move into the summer.

Gore campaign team assembles in secret | International News | News | Telegraph

Friends of Al Gore have secretly started assembling a campaign team in preparation for the former American vice-president to make a fresh bid for the White House.

Al ore campaign team assembles in secret
Al Gore is third favourite for the Democratic nomination

Two members of Mr Gore’s staff from his unsuccessful attempt in 2000 say they have been approached to see if they would be available to work with him again.

Mr Gore, President Bill Clinton’s deputy, has said he wants to concentrate on publicising the need to combat climate change, a case made in his film, An Inconvenient Truth, which won him an Oscar this year.

But, aware that he may step into the wide open race for the White House, former strategists are sounding out a shadow team that could run his campaign at short notice. In approaching former campaign staff, including political strategists and communications officials, they are making clear they are not acting on formal instructions from Mr Gore, 59, but have not been asked to stop.

His denials of interest in the presidency have been couched in terms of “no plans” or “no intention” – politically ambiguous language that does not rule out a run.

One of his former campaign team said: “I was asked whether I would be available towards the end of the year if I am needed. They know he has not ruled out running and if he decides to jump in, he will have to move very fast.

“He hasn’t asked them to do this, but nor has he told them not to.”

In an interview on Thursday, which touched on the prospects for next year’s presidential election, Mr Clinton commented: “You’ve got the prospect that Vice-President Gore might run.”

The most recent opinion polls show Mr Gore as third favourite to take the Democratic nomination, on about 17 per cent support, only a whisker behind Barack Obama, 45, who is aiming to become the first black US president, and ahead of John Edwards, 53, the senator whose wife was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Vice-President Gore’s allies believe that Hillary Clinton, 59, the frontrunner, is unable to win the presidency. The most recent poll shows a growing number of voters think negatively of her, in contrast to Mr Gore, who enjoys far greater popularity than when he lost the 2000 presidential race despite polling more votes nationally than the eventual winner, George W Bush.

The second aide approached by Vice-President Gore’s allies said: “There is no love lost between Gore and Hillary. They don’t think she can win and they’re probably right. If Gore runs, he’s got a really good chance of getting the nomination. And he has a good chance of pulling off the election, too.”



  1. Doesn’t seem very ‘secret’.

    And of course, can’t forget the obvious: Gore’s already won the nomination (over hilary) once… and he’ll probably do it again. Good chance he’s our next Pres.

  2. Hah!

    Crack! Meet Pipe. Or is is pot? I get confused.

  3. lol… pot. Totally pot. Crack is bad, kids.

  4. I’d vote for Gore over Hillary any day of the week. It’s that pestky Iraq war vote that I can’t seem to forgive.

  5. Are you serious ChenZhen? Why would people relegate themselves to being a one-issue voter? And of all things on that issue? Yeah, she voted to give the authority to the President. Just like the majority of Democrats did, back when almost everyone believed that Saddam wasn’t just looking into getting WMD, but was stockpiling them. If people knew now what they knew then, the war likely would have not occurred, or at least under different circumstances.

    I’d be willing to bet that Gore, had he been in Congress during that vote, would have, based on the evidence presented at the time, voted for the authority too.

    Single issue voters suck.

  6. Well, it’s a big issue.

    And I think they did know then (information was available), most of them just made the mistake of trusting the president. This is evidenced by the fact that no more than six senators and a handful of House members read beyond the five-page executive summary of the NIE before they voted in Oct. 2002. It’s kinda hard to overlook that kind of negligence, especially when it involves permitting a lot of death and destruction , and using a lot of money and resources.

    Also, FYI, Obama was on record against the resolution in 2002 (video ) even though he wasn’t in congress at the time. There really are wise people out there.

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