Virginia Tech Gunman Sent Material to NBC

Virginia Tech Gunman Sent Material to NBC ::

Between his first and second bursts of gunfire, the Virginia Tech gunman mailed a package to NBC News containing what authorities said were video, photos of himself brandishng weapons, and a rambling diatribe about getting even with rich people.

“This may be a very new, critical component of this investigation. We’re in the process right now of attempting to analyze and evaluate its worth,” said Col. Steve Flaherty, superintendent of Virginia State Police. He gave no details on the material.

NBC said that a time stamp on the package indicated the material was mailed in the two-hour window between the first burst of gunfire in a high-rise dormitory and the second fusillade, at a classroom building.

The package included digital images of him holding weapons and a manifesto that “rants against rich people and warns that he wants to get even,” according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the case.

NBC said it immediately turned the package over to authorities on Wednesday. NBC would not disclose the contents beyond characterizing the material as “disturbing.” The package was sent to NBC News head Steve Capus.

If the package was indeed mailed between the first attack and the second, that would help explain where Cho was and what he did during that two-hour window.



  1. A lot of people are asking WHY. There is nothing about Virginia Tech that makes it a magnet for violent rampages. But before we can keep kids safe at schools, we have to keep kids safe at home. What I’m getting at is that people who commit acts of violence — school rampages, rape, child sexual assault and abuse — have more than likely been a victim themselves. I recommend the book “Violence” by James Gilligan for the best explanation of “why it happens” that I’ve ever read.

  2. Cho was mentally ill. He needed help. Our mental health professionals failed him. We know Cho was in a mental institution for a period of time and released. Why? How can you blame this soul who was totally out of touch with reality and all the living things around him. I blame the mental health establishement in our country and the laws that are in place regarding mental illness.

  3. I blame the shooter. But that’s just me.

  4. Mullah Cimoc say this part of destroying of usa for punish for war crime in iraq.

    but go back long time. this because male of ameriki, and all western society, alienated or some say obsolete. this causing the frustration and go insane.

    One famous ameriki satanist naming anton levay, him book call “secret life of a satanist”, him discussing this same subject so long ago and predicting accurately what happen this killing and why happenign this kind of the killing.

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