Border Security, War on Terror Are Top Issues for Conservatives

Great perspective from the loft.  The issues that resonate are all there.

The Loft » Blog Archive » Border Security, War on Terror Are Top Issues for Conservatives

Although legislators may try to sneak an immigration reform bill through Congress, grassroots conservatives will be watching. Among a host of issues presented to members of GOPUSA’s Grassroots Survey Team, border security still topped the chart. This means conservatives will be looking for real reform — not pandering.

In a survey conducted this week (view full survey results here) by GOPUSA’s Grassroots Survey Team, respondents were asked to indicate which issue they felt was the most important facing America today.

Of the nineteen issues listed, Border Security/Immigration was the top choice with 38%. In second was War on Terror at 32%. Moral Decline was the third choice at 9%.

Conservatives continue to look for direction from the Republican Party — a message around which they can rally and inspire others. When asked “What should be the primary focus of the Republican Party?”, the top choice among respondents was “Crafting a clear, unifying message to combat the Democrats and the media” with 44%. In second was “Holding elected Republican officials accountable to the platform and their campaign promises” with 26%.

Conservatives are also frustrated with Republicans in Washington. 95% of respondents do not feel that Republicans “have been strong enough in standing up to the Democrats.” 94% do not feel that Republicans have been strong enough in “pushing for conservative legislation and policies.”

With over 2,500 respondents participating, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani lead the pack of announced presidential candidates with 11% and 9%, respectively. Tom Tancredo is in third with 10%, followed by Sam Brownback at 4% and John McCain at 3%. Unannounced candidates Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich dominate the group, however with 36% and 18% respectively.

The Republican Party needs to wake up. Being not quite as bad as the Democrats is not a platform and not a position from which to inspire and motivate. The party needs to stand for basic principles and work to get those principles implemented into law and policy. It is clear that grassroots Republicans are looking for change — a fresh direction. The Republican Party must deliver.


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