PBS series ‘Crossroads’ puts Iraq in the cross hairs

Hold on to your seats boys and girls.  The left can’t stand the Conservatism is gaining a voice in the media. 

PBS series ‘Crossroads’ puts Iraq in the cross hairs | Chicago Tribune

The PBS series “America at a Crossroads,” which airs on six consecutive nights beginning at 8 p.m. Sunday, arrives mired in controversy, which isn’t surprising, considering that it takes as its broad subject the state of the world and this nation in the wake of Sept. 11.

PBS commissioned the series three years ago with $20 million in funding, but the series soon ran into charges that the then-head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson, was using “Crossroads” and other vehicles to tilt PBS programming to the right.

Tomlinson is gone, but the series lives on. A year ago, management of the project was handed over to WETA, a public television affiliate in Washington, D.C., and longtime PBS journalist Robert MacNeil was brought onboard to host and consult on the series. Of the 440 proposals submitted for the series, 21 documentaries received funding and 11 will be shown Sunday through Friday (all on WTTW-Ch. 11).

Though most of the documentaries are solid, worthwhile efforts filled with excellent (if sobering) reporting, controversy is still likely to dog this series. One of the documentaries, “The Case for the War: In Defense of Freedom” (10 p.m. Tuesday), is a chronicle of D.C. insider and prominent neoconservative Richard Perle’s attempts to defend the decision to invade Iraq.

It’s not just that Perle’s controversial views will anger those who disagree with him — the larger question is, Why is his particular point of view given an hour’s airing, when there are many other worthy topics that could have been examined in this series?



  1. But will it be in hi-def?

  2. The left can’t stand the Conservatism is gaining a voice in the media.


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