Imus, the Internet and Intellectual Elitism: My Week in Review

It’s been an odd and interesting week for the media. My week began with this story in my mailbox. In it, Charles Cooper, of CNET News, reviews Andrew Keen’s new book ‘ The Culture of the Amateur’. The tome appears to be a cautionary tale on the evils of citizen journalism to western civilization as we know it.

While the book does not debut until June, some excerpts make it clear that Keen is not so keen on today’s blogging landscape. In fact, he sees the situation as quite bleak. We bloggers, apparently, are collectively corrupting and confusing popular opinion about everything from politics, to commerce, to arts and culture”. Keen, being a good cultural elitist, also ensures that he covers the omnipresent danger to our youth…”These days, kids can’t tell the difference between credible news by objective professional journalists and what they read on”

Not really knowing or caring what some Brit mucky muck thought about my sins on the internet, I rattled off a nice little rant to my wife over the story and got on with my day. Then the Imus story broke.

Don, in the crotchety, faux coolness that only he has, took a big fat bite of some shoe leather. He is a cagey veteran at putting his foot in his mouth. I think Imus can probably differentiate shoe brands by taste at this point. Well, the media feeding frenzy was on at that point, party people. Every media personality had to trot out with their two cents. From racism to rap, the entire mainstream media collectively swam in the sewer that is Don Imus’ mouth for nearly a week. And their efforts did not go unrewarded. Political and economic pressures cost Don Imus not one but two jobs.

(Author’s note: I’ve intentionally omitted any links to the Imus story. Because honestly, I fear that if one more page gets indexed with the keywords Imus, Sharpton or Jackson, the internet may implode under the collective weight of their ignorance.)

Then the irony hit me this morning before my first cup of coffee. My weekly visit to the “O’Reilly Radar” rewarded me with a gift. Tim O’Reilly and other bloggers have produced a “Draft Bloggers Code of Conduct“. This movement was initiated partly in response to a rather heated and nasty exchange among several site operators. So, when confronted with an unpleasant situation, what did bloggers do. They contacted the parties, acted as mediators and proposed a solution. Nobody was fired. Nobody was boycotted. The offending parties were dealt with in a professional and appropriate manner. And in the spirit of democracy, the Code of Conduct is open source, so all parties can contribute to the discourse. No monopoly of opinion in the blogosphere, folks.

So, I have come full circle.

Given the events of the past week, which group is actually ‘corrupting and confusing popular opinion‘? Can I truly say that giving a media bullhorn to panderers and race hustlers constitutes ‘credible news by objective professional journalists‘?

I’ll certainly give Mr. Keen’s book a read when it is released. For now I’ll simply posit that perhaps the opinions of the populace aren’t necessarily ‘popular’ with his crowd. But I’ll take an objective citizen journalist over an elitist with an agenda and a microphone any day.



  1. […] Ill take an objective citizen journalist over an elitist with an agenda and a microphone any day. Imus, the Internet and Intellectual Elitism: My Week in Review House of Chin Michael Ryan is a veteran and conservative columnist. He is the founder and editor of House of […]

  2. I don’t get it… Why Don Imus? Why not fire the list of people I have in my back pocket of all the people who have offended me? Mainstream American and I mean the America whose hands feed the sponsors of the Don Imus show which includes me a white professional female, all saw the degenerates Sharpton and Jackson on tv spitting off crap before the hypocritical firing. Crap we have heard a million times before and stuff where you just turn the channel. How “out of it” is the media and the corporate CEO’s? The reason they did not hear from “mainstream America” at first is because in our wildest dreams would we think overpaid CEO’s would make an incredible and costly decision to align themselves with these two degenerates. You can bet the outcry they claim they felt last week does not even come close to the outcry they are receiving now by the hands that feed them. I call to action the firing of Les and Steve for discriminated against me. My goodness, 75%-80% of American is pissed off that these high and mighty CEO’s think they represent us and that we would stand by while they align themselves with Sharpton and Jackson and still buy their products? How stupid do they think we are?. I don’t recall MSNBC or CBS asking the very person who keeps their sponsors in business what we think? I guarantee you all the sponsors and the tv stations will get hit big time when it comes to their bottom line. You don’t screw the people who feed you. It is so obvious to us the hypocrisy here and so simple to see the hypocrisy here that the ramifications to these reverends and corporations are going to be so huge that the corporations themselves are blinded by what they did.

    All Redstone, Les and Steve needed to do is review the definition of “double standard”… All I have to say is “it ends here” No more crying “victim”.. Al Sharpton just took the luxury of using up the last “race card”.. I hope he is proud at the damage he caused his own race. What a disgrace. It has only began.. Enough is Enough.. No more free ride… The free ride is over and Al, Les and Steve can be blamed for it!!!!


  3. mullah cimoc say amerika right now this moment being destroy.

    No. 1, him barak obama him working for the hilary clinton woman. divert the money from the real competitor with fake campaign. him test water on issues for clinton woman, see what safe for her.

    No. 2, real mr. imus story of get the fired him. this been planning long time. imus him just convenient target, could have been anyone, if white and the male. this real purpose to terrorize media persons for lose job if tangle with this woman hilary clinton and the most important for signal true end of white male controlling usa. now this white man him target of new devil/satanic coalition made of lesbian, africa man, mexico man, and the white woman hate the man. This call the impose discipline.

    this all part god plan yes. thising for purify white society to cleanse of the bad. so bad time for tattoo having people when cleansing time come. them get it very very first. like big neon sign on head say: i scum, please cleanse me.

  4. Tis a sad day in Amerika when you can be fired for words spoken. Apparently, my teachers in school left out the part of the 1st Ammendment, the freedom of speech clause, that says your free speech depends on your color. Obviously, you can be black and refer to Jews as ‘Himies’ ala brother Jesse. Or start a race riot as the Rev Sharpton did and get away with it.
    What we have seen this last week is the first steps of ‘The Fairness Doctorine’.
    Remember the liberals like to work in ‘incrementalism’ if they cannot attack in one feld swoop.
    I truly feel sorry for any white male (they’re wearing the target now) that makes a living behind a microphone or in front of a camera. They are gunning for you.
    I was watching The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday, Michelle Malkin was sitting in for Bill. She had Malik Shabaz(sp) on and he called her a ‘whore’ right there on national tv. Now, I know ‘The Factor’ has at least 5x the audience that PMSNBC has, at least. Has anyone heard any outcry? Nary a word. Oh wait; I guess Shabaz needs a job to get fired from first.
    These ‘poverty pimps’ make a living shaking down corporate Amerika; NBC, AT&T, CBS, Coca Cola and the like.
    Now, buried in the news a week or so ago was the story of 3 U of MN football players accused of rape. Did Al & Jesse & Malik fly out there to make sure the victim recieved justice? Aparently not; you see, there is no one to shake down with ‘black on black’ crime.
    Dr. King is spinning in his grave. Were he alive today, he would be heading for ‘the mountain top’ again and leaving those ‘poverty pimps’ behind.

    My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way…….Ronald Reagan
    All the best.

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