Podcasts are still cool

Was listening to more pod-casts today in an effort to get caught up. Life has not allowed me the opportunity lately, so I spent some time listening to week-old radio and was rewarded for my effort.

Today’s nugget comes from an interview with Larry Kudlow. After a brief discussion of what was posed as perhaps the lowest-ever Misery Index (something easily disproved), Larry let it be known that he’d earlier that day been interviewed for a piece by a well-known political reporter and asked about both the 90’s Clinton economy and the 00’s Bush economy.

Moving past the obvious, Larry included this astounding bit of data: the Reagan tax cuts of 1981 and the De-regulation efforts that followed, aided by the taming of the Inflation Tiger by the Fed, have produced essentially 25 years of continued economic growth.

In the 100 quarters covered by that 25-year span, Larry reported that only 4 showed negative growth. For the benefit of the economically un-savvy, that’s 1-year of recession and 24 years of strong, steady economic growth.

That’s a figure I can’t imagine even Paul Krugman can sniff at (though I’m sure he’d want to).


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