US Troops kicking some Mahdi Ass.

Here is a great post from ‘JG’ over at Political Deathmatch with regard to US actions of late. Check back for updates to the discussion here.

It’s the second day of fighting in Diwaniyah, south of Baghdad, and the US is having it out with Sadr’s pallies:

American troops swept into the troubled, predominantly Shiite city of Diwaniyah before dawn on Friday, killing three militia fighters and capturing 27 in the first day of the assault, the military said. The attack — named “Operation Black Eagle” — targeted gunmen loyal to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Fighting continued Saturday.

Dozens of people have been killed in Diwaniyah during the past weeks and the attacks have been blamed by residents on the Mahdi Army, al-Sadr’s militia.
Many women, accused by the hard-line and fundamentalist militiamen of violating their interpretation of Islamic morality, are among the dead.

Interesting that we have apparently dropped the fiction of only targeting “rogue” Mahdi Army elements and are explicitly lighting up Sadr’s soliders.


I suspect Diwaniyah may be a precursor to a possible pacification of Baghdad’s Sadr City, and we are learning about their tactics when we are ready to snap the Mahdi Army in half for good.

Meanwhile………NATO kicks some Taliban ass in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. I’m not sure whether the objective is to cut off Taliban control of the opium revenues from the area around Sangin, or we’re just there because that’s where the Taliban and their “foreign fighters” are.

Nice to see we’re on the offensive in both countries for a change, however.


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