The Jawa Report: There is No England Anymore

I found this post over at Jawa and had to link it up.  Some stuff is too good to let pass. 

The Jawa Report: There is No England Anymore

There is No England Anymore

Misha found a lump of gold at Cold Fury:

This war has become demoralizing because of repeated incidents of this nature: the unwillingness of Western powers to crush the enemy even in service of defending our own people. We have allowed the enemy to think he is braver than us. We have, thereby, emboldened the enemy and made things tougher for ourselves, not easier.We fire not on their fortress mosques, nor on their ships, nor during their holy days, nor in their holy cities, nor at their “holy men.” We dare not humiliate. Instead, we allow ourselves to be forever humiliated and forfeit our men and women. So concerned are we about not offending Muslim pride we have thrown away our own. The West has decided that all things Islamic are to be granted a reverence we no longer grant ourselves. The sand and plaster of the fortress mosque seems to carry more importance than even the flesh and blood of our own soldiers.

If there is a more accurate, precision-guided missile of “Amen, Brother” out there, we have yet to see it.It is really a complete disgrace. The Democrats (and weak Republicans) in Washington are apparently satisfied with this. Hell, they openly advocate for it.


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