Rolling back Bush’s tax cuts will pay for proposals, Obama says.

And there you have it, folks. A vote for Obama will equal less money in your pocket and socialized medicine for your children.

Rolling back Bush’s tax cuts will pay for proposals, Obama says –

Onawa, IOWA — Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama found a way Saturday to campaign face-to-face with a group of political activists in the leadoff caucus state, while at the same time connecting with a national audience.

Obama headlined a political meeting with about 80 western Iowa Democrats that focused on domestic policy issues. The event at the Onawa Public Library also was carried live on the Internet to thousands.

During an hour-long talk, Obama promoted eliminating some of the income tax cuts enacted under President Bush, but resisted characterizing them as a tax increase.

The Illinois senator said that as president, he would roll back income tax cuts for higher incomes to pay for his policy proposals.

However, Obama said health insurance could be provided to people without it, in part by converting medical record-keeping to an electronic rather than paper process.

Other cost-saving measures could provide money to expand health care access, he said during an earlier event Saturday in Council Bluffs. At no time did Obama say during the forum in front of an audience of more than 2,000 at Iowa Western Community College that he would propose raising taxes specifically to pay for increasing access to health care.

But Obama defended as a general principle the idea of reversing income tax cuts enacted during Bush’s first term.

“One of the things I think we are going to have to do is reverse some of those Bush tax cuts that went to the wealthiest Americans … and invest in infrastructure, invest in education, invest in health care for all,” he told the group in Onawa.



  1. I have to say that again, I guess this is becoming a trend, I disagree with you Chin. What Obama said was

    The Illinois senator said that as president, he would roll back income tax cuts for higher incomes to pay for his policy proposals.

    Maybe that would affect me, but likely not. And it likely also won’t affect the majority of your readers’ bottom lines either.

    And as to socialized healthcare, I don’t know that it is the right way to go, but what we’ve got right now isn’t good either. At least it is a guy from the left presenting ideas and not the same old “If Bush is for it, I’m against it” routine we’ve come to expect from Democrats in the last 4 years.

  2. Well, guess I can’t tell you are a Republican who just loves to give those great tax cuts to the 1% highest income, now can I? Senator Obama proposes rolling back tax cuts FOR THE RICH who don’t pay their fair share which is why they get richer, just like good ole Bush likes it and what Mr. Thompson or any Republican would do, give to rich, take from the poor. Senator Obama wants to pay for services the people of this country WANT and demanded in this past election. And isn’t Mr. Thompson at 65 a little old to expect to be able to govern when he reaches 70 years old? Appears to me you take one sentence and proclaim Senator Obama will increase taxes for the lower incomes and that is NOT WHAT HE SAID, if you even bothered to listen to his entire interaction with the crowd and the questions he answered. No you would rather use you ill-informed mind and bias to state he would raise taxes. Get educated on his stand on issues, then disagree, don’t take one sentence and twist it to mean what YOU want it to mean. Now I see why you have so much unrelated, non-political stuff on your blog, you really have nothing to say, or don’t want to bother doing REAL research so you can write with authority, and not just use “one sentence” to make your case. I would respect you more if you had done YOUR OWN work, and tried to understand what he said rather than twist it to what you want it to be.

  3. Nice post. A little irate for me, but have you thought of bringing that into the forum?

    Fresh blood needed, from right, left and anything in between.

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