Public Divided Over Barry Bonds, CBS Poll: Most People Aren’t Rooting For Slugger To Break Home Run Record – CBS News

Happy opening day to all.  In the spirit of the season, we’ll post this recent poll regarding Bar-roid.

Public Divided Over Barry Bonds, CBS Poll: Most People Aren’t Rooting For Slugger To Break Home Run Record – CBS News

(CBS) As the 2007 Major League Baseball season begins, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds is within striking distance of one of the most famous records in sports, the all-time career home run record: Bonds has 734 blasts; the mark, held by Hank Aaron, is 755.

The public is divided on whether they are rooting for Bonds to break the record.

While 35 percent say they are pulling for Bonds, 30 percent would rather see him fall short. Nineteen percent volunteer that they do not care either way.

Are you rooting for Bonds to break the home run record?

35 percent
30 percent
Don’t care
19 percent
Don’t know/no answer
16 percent

Age 18-44
43 percent
30 percent
Don’t care
13 percent
Don’t know/no answer
14 percent

Age 45 and older
27 percent
30 percent
Don’t care
25 percent
Don’t know/no answer
18 percent

There are large differences on this between younger and older Americans. Those 18 to 44 years old are rooting for Bonds. Those over age 45 are slightly against him, and also more likely not to care. Whites are marginally opposed to seeing Bonds succeed but blacks are rooting for him. Younger men under 45 – traditionally a group that includes many sports fans – are also evenly divided. Overall, men and women are rooting for Bonds about equally – about one-third of each are – though women are more likely to not have a preference. Americans in each region of the country are divided, though those in the West, where Bonds plays, are slightly more likely to back his chase. Democrats are somewhat more likely to be rooting for Bonds than are Republicans.

In the last few years, many baseball players – including Bonds – have been dogged by allegations of steroid use. That may make the possibility of this new record less popular than the last attempt. In March 1974 – when Hank Aaron was on the verge of eclipsing then-record holder Babe Ruth’s career mark – a Harris survey found that 77 percent of self-described sports fans were rooting for Aaron to succeed.



  1. Here’s a great example of slanting the statistics to fit your idea on a story. When CBS issues this survey of people to get their feelings on Barry approaching Aaron’s record, they find that 35% are rooting for Barry, 30% against, and 35% between not caring and not knowing. How do they write it? “Most People Aren’t Rooting For Slugger To Break Home Run Record”. News flash to the author, “Most People Aren’t Against The Slugger To Break Home Run Record” either.

    I personally fall into the “Against” category, I hate to see cheaters rewarded, and I don’t give a damn about the “He hasn’t been caught” crap. Look a picture of Barry from 15 years ago, and now. He obviously did something, he just hasn’t been caught yet due to complacency in testing, and with HGH still undetectable, he can continue to get away with it. Anyway, I have already written it off because of the inevitability of it all. Maybe he will get beaned in 15 consecutive at bats and figure it isn’t worth it.

  2. Your polls show that whites are against barry bonds because he is black, and thusly seem to prejudiced numbers. But do you consider the fact that many blacks vote in favor of bonds just because he is black, thus helping to explain the dicrepcancy in black and white numbers as well. It’s not strictly because all white fans are against barry because he is black, they truly dislike the fact that it is a steroid situation

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