Kerry targets ambassadorial bid of Swift Boat benefactor

It appears Fox has been withdrawn for consideration.  Either of his own accord or by the administration.  Politics of personal destruction, indeed!! 

Kerry targets ambassadorial bid of Swift Boat benefactor – The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Senator John F. Kerry is seeking to stop a major donor to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth — the conservative group that attacked his war record in the 2004 presidential race — from becoming ambassador to Belgium, and the senator has enlisted the help of the “band of brothers” who came to his defense.

With the Senate Foreign Relations Committee set today to consider whether to confirm Sam Fox, the nominee, 11 of Kerry’s former comrades from Vietnam sent a letter yesterday to committee leaders urging them to defeat Fox’s nomination.

“Those who finance smears and lies of combat veterans don’t deserve to represent America on the world stage,” read the letter to Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Delaware Democrat who chairs the committee , and the committee’s ranking Republican, Senator Richard G. Lugar of Indiana.

“We think too highly of the country we defended in combat to trust America in the hands of someone who would so casually bankroll lies about our combat records,” the letter continued.

Fox in 2004 gave $50,000 to the Swift Boat group, which undermined Kerry’s combat record in a series of controversial ads that damaged his presidential campaign. The donation — and Fox’s refusal to apologize for it — has been a flashpoint in what otherwise would have probably been routine confirmation for the popular St. Louis businessman and philanthropist.

Yet Kerry, seeking to avoid the appearance of political retribution, has decided not to place a “hold” on Fox’s nomination — a step that would have indefinitely blocked his confirmation.


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