Pop Culture Snippet: When Everbody was a Nobody

Warning: This post has little to no redeeming value nor sheds any light on anything aside from my general lack of awareness of all things Media and Hollywood.

Yes, before they were anybody they had supporting roles in this movie. Now, it is a fine satirical movie comedy; I saw it when it was released, I’ve seen it numerous times since then and I own it to boot (as any good, self-respecting Star Trek fan with a sense of humor must).

Stumbling upon my wife rifling through paperwork with it on in the background last night, I finally realized that it plays like a Who’s Who of current television stars and character actors. And it’s funny to boot!

So what am I talking about? Well, we’ll start here. Eventually starring in a second self-titled role in the cult-classic (at least in our house) Dodgeball, Justin Long appears here in his first role.

Moving on, the popular and (perhaps more-so) beautiful Missy Pyle as the Alien love-interest to Monk, er Frank.

Dwight Schrute is easily missed but the careful observer will notice Rainn Wilson in a speaking role riding along as one of the three Thermians tasked with kidnapping– –convincing– Tim Allen’s Commander Nesmith of the need for his help.

Additionally, you’ll find everyone’s favorite singing-lawyer Sam Loyd in Thermian makeup and costumes, along with E.R.‘s Dr. Crenshaw.

All are now television regulars or working character actors in film. I wonder if anyone had laid odds at the time on just how much of this collection of supporting talent would hit the ‘big time’ as working actor, who and how many would have taken the bet?


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