Political video smackdown / ‘Hillary 1984’: Obama converts Apple ’84 spot into howl against Clinton

I’d give the magic negro some props, but apparently this ad wasn’t from his campaign. Either way, that’s some good shit right there.

Political video smackdown / ‘Hillary 1984’: Unauthorized Internet ad for Obama converts Apple Computer’s ’84 Super Bowl spot into a generational howl against Clinton’s presidential bid

It may be the most stunning and creative attack ad yet for a 2008 presidential candidate — one experts say could represent a watershed moment in 21st century media and political advertising.

Yet the groundbreaking 74-second pitch for Democratic Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, which remixes the classic “1984” ad that introduced Apple computers to the world, is not on cable or network TV, but on the Internet.

(To see the video, go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h3G-lMZxjo)

And Obama’s campaign says it had absolutely nothing to do with the video that attacks one of his principal Democratic rivals, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Indeed, the ad’s creator is a mystery, at least for now.



  1. This Hillary 1984 video is getting way overhyped. There are important issues out there more important than
    clever little internet ad campaigns with no real message, especially one that isn’t even original.

  2. h
    Hillary would be a disaster beyond words we need someone sstrong ( Like Rudy G)Hillary could not deal with terorists ,, she is just not strong enough … Has a tendency to be like a”Chamberlain” wants to discuss talk discuss meantime bad things are happening…. need someone decisive, strong ready for action now…….and ready to do whatever has to be done………

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