Presidential candidate bungles speech in Miami

Well played Mitt!! No really.  Here’s a hint.  White guys from Mass. ought not try to be Hispanic.  Much the same way white chicks from New York ought not try to be southern.   

Presidential candidate bungles speech in Miami – 03/19/2007 –

People chuckled when presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon raised in Michigan and elected in Massachusetts, bungled the names of Cuban-American politicians during a recent speech in Miami.But when he mistakenly associated Fidel Castro’s trademark speech-ending slogan — Patria o muerte, venceremos! — with a free Cuba, listeners didn’t laugh. They winced.

Castro has closed his speeches with the phrase — in English, ”Fatherland or death, we shall overcome” — for decades.

”Clearly, that’s something he was ill-advised on or didn’t do his homework on,” said Hialeah City Council President Esteban Bovo. “When you get cute with slogans, you get yourself into a trap.”

Romney’s fumble demonstrates the potential snags for state and national politicians trying to navigate the Cuban-American community of South Florida.

Ever since Ronald Reagan enthralled exiles by crying, ”Cuba sí, Castro no,” in a landmark 1983 visit to Little Havana, politicians have clamored, with mixed success, for the Spanish-speaking vote.



  1. Here is what Romney said verbatim:

    Romney: “I said at the outset that the threat in Latin America is unprecedented. I say that because the Castros have a second tyrant and he has great wealth, from oil. We must stand just as firm against caudillos like Hugo Chavez, tutored by Fidel Castro. Chavez and Castro are brothers in blood, intent on personal gratification at the expense of their people. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have stolen the phrase – ‘Patria o muerte, venceremos.’ This phrase should not be used by dictators, but by liberators.

    “There are two spheres of influence in the Western Hemisphere. One is dark, bellicose and spreads misery by denying people basic freedoms; the other shines like a powerful light, is peaceful and wants only for its people to live in liberty and prosper.

    Me: From what I see it says that DICTATORS shouldn’t be using this phrase and that it should be used by LIBERATORS.

    What’s the deal? The first problem is that this sounds like some propoganda from the left to me that you all soaked up as usual.

    The second is that you should get your facts right or your credibility will continue to be a problem, if you really care about it.

    Conservative Gladiator

  2. “listeners didn’t laugh. They winced.”

    I think the crux of the issue is the failure of politicians, particularly conservative politicians to be ‘mindful of the filter’. Perhaps, before you choose to hurl accusations with respect to credibility and getting facts straight, you may want to peruse this site and our discussion forums. Then you will understand we have a habit of pointing out how conservative messages are easily and often twisted by the MSM. I doubt you had a chance to contextualize this one post, since it’s the only page you viewed. (HINT: being an admin is cool!!!!).


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