Fred Thompson on FOX News Sunday.

We’re going to do our best to keep you up to date on GOP candidates, official and otherwise. With that in mind, here is the partial transcript of Fred Thompson on FOX this morning. The whole thing is quite lengthy. So, we will post it in the forum if you’d like to read it.

WALLACE: There’s been a lot of buzz, as we said, in Republican circles that there’s no true conservative in the GOP presidential field. Now some top Republicans, including your friend former Tennessee senator Howard Baker, are putting out trial balloons about you possibly entering the race.“FOX NEWS SUNDAY” HOST CHRIS WALLACE: Well, chances are you’ve never heard of U.S. President Charles Ross, but in the movies a couple of years ago, there was Fred Thompson playing the role. Take a look.


FRED THOMPSON: Watch this. I don’t want us sitting on our butts if something’s about to happen.

(UNKNOWN): Absolutely, sir.

THOMPSON: Anything else I should know?

(UNKNOWN): I’ll keep you posted, sir.


WALLACE: Joining us now amid talk of a real-life run for president is actor and former senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson.

And, Senator, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday.”

THOMPSON: Thank you, Chris. Good to be with you.

Question: Are you considering running for president in 2008?

THOMPSON: I’m giving some thought to it. Going to leave the door open.

WALLACE: Well, you say leaving the door open. What’s going to go into your decision-making process, what factors? Why would you do it? And what do you see — do you see some holes in the current Republican field?

THOMPSON: It’s not really a reflection on the current field at all. As you know, some of them are very good friends of mine. I’m going to wait and see how it pans out, see how they do, how it develops.



  1. I liked what Senator Thompson had to say. If he would seriously like to see the end of abortion in this country I think like in the movie “Amazing Grace” once there is no profit to be made abortion would decrease at a quick rate. Hopefully, one day people will realize it’s not about a women’s right to do what she wants to her own body. We are not living in the 1950’s and there are many alternatives for preventing pregnancy. Killing an unborn baby should not be a right.

  2. I think Fred Thompson is more than a viable alternative to the existing Republican Party pool.

    He has a great history while in the senate, and he would,in my mind, be a good choice for President.

    I sure hope he decides to throw his hat in the ring!

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