Bush, Chavez duel on rival Latin America tours

OK, tell you what we’ll do Hugo.  We’ll cancel your Citgo contract with DoD, your largest non-domestic client.  Nice way to talk out of both sides of your mouth you hypocritical SOB!

Bush, Chavez duel on rival Latin America tours | Top News | Reuters.com

MONTEVIDEO (Reuters) – President Bush and his left-wing nemesis Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez squared off on dueling tours of Latin America on Friday as they vied for the region’s hearts and minds.

The ideological rivalry intensified as Bush arrived in Uruguay, the second stop of his tour, while Chavez drew support from thousands of Argentines at an “anti-imperialist” rally across the River Plate in neighboring Argentina.

Chavez led the crowd of union workers and leftists in shouting “Gringo, Go Home!” against Bush.

Bush is on a five-nation tour that began in Brazil and is aimed at improving his standing in Latin America, where the Iraq war and U.S. trade and immigration policies are deeply unpopular.

Chavez, an ally of communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro, has led a growing anti-U.S. bloc in recent years and rarely misses a chance to rail against American “imperialism”.

Thousands of Uruguayans took to the streets on Friday, some shouting “Get out, Bush!”. Dozens of masked protesters, many wielding sticks and hurling rocks, shattered the windows of three McDonald’s stores.


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  1. I. as well as many people I know, refuse to purchase his product. But since he’s in bed with a Kennedy, he will be proclaimed a hero for providing low cost heating oil to the poor.

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