Is this thing on?

Sorry, it’s an old radio joke. I thought it’d sound better than the boring but venerable, “Test…1,2,3…test.”

So anyway, here I am at the behest of the mighty Chin, posting in his house and grateful for the opportunity. Who am I, you wonder?

I am virtual friend to your kind and magnificent host. Like he, I am a stark-raving-mad but always-right conservative…Hhmm…forgot, this thing is on.

As I was saying, I am a fellow conservative blogger who has been invited to join what is hoped might become a more collaborative effort here at the House of Chin. I am, again, grateful for the opportunity and hope I can add a little something to what already goes on here.

As to what’s in a silly name…I proudly post using a hard-won nickname from my college days.

We welcome Peabo and look for his great perspective on things to add some spice around here.  -Chin


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