Russian Reporter Dies In 5-Story Fall, Suicide Or Murder? Newspaper Correspondent Was Disliked By The Government

So first the guy gets shot outside of DC, a story we covered here. Now this poor sap “falls” out of his window. Yeah, that’s how it happens. Coincidences like this happen all the time. Pay no attention, there’s nothing to see here folks.

Russian Reporter Dies In 5-Story Fall, Suicide Or Murder? Newspaper Correspondent Was Disliked By The Government – CBS News

A military correspondent for Russia’s top business daily has died after falling out of a window, and some media alleged Monday that he might have been killed for his critical reporting.

Ivan Safronov, the military affairs writer for Kommersant, died Friday after falling from a fifth-story window in the stairwell of his apartment building in Moscow, officials said. His body was found by neighbors shortly after the fall.

With prosecutors investigating the death, Kommersant and some other media suggested foul play.

“The suicide theory has become dominant in the investigation, but all those who knew Ivan Safronov categorically reject it,” Kommersant said in an article Monday.

Safronov’s colleagues and relatives have described him as a strong, cheerful person who would be extremely unlikely to kill himself.

The Moscow city prosecutor’s office did not respond to repeated calls for comment about the investigation into his death, and neighborhood prosecutors could not immediately be reached.

In a report that may have been aimed to quash speculation of foul play, the ITAR-Tass news agency quoted an unidentified law enforcement source as saying investigators had “not even any minimal information” pointing to the possibility of murder.

Safronov, who had served as a colonel in the Russian Space Forces before joining Kommersant in 1997, frequently angered the authorities with his critical reporting. He was repeatedly questioned by the Federal Security Service, the main KGB successor, which suspected him of divulging state secrets.



  1. No chance whatsoever Safronov committed suicide. It really does look like Joyal was a victim of a local crime with motives that had nothing to do with his profession.

    Btw: Moscow prosecutors have already opened an inquiry into Safronov’s death (like they’ll get anywhere. meh)

  2. KGB in action!

    Not a coincidence at all.

    Stand by for more!

    Da Devil

  3. Reporter Planned Story on Arms Deal

  4. Hmm, sounds like he came down with a bad case of “Webbitis”.

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