The Real Story: Border Agent Betrayal

And the hits just keep on coming…Let’s see if I can get another warning for “Racial Comments” on various other forums by simply pointing out the deplorable state of our border security. Corruption is rampant with respect to our boder policy with Mexico, one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. And as plans to expand N.A.F.T.A. like the superhighway and permits for Mexican trucking companies are rolled out, the payola and corruption will only increase while our government is asleep at the proverbial wheel. 

The Real Story: Border Agent Betrayal

Meanwhile, it’s not just businesses that are selling us out, it’s also our own government. Later this week, I’m going to tell you the story of a former U.S. border agent who was convicted of using excessive force against an illegal alien, only to later be acquitted at a retrial after evidence surface that the prosecutors gave the alien a social security card, witness fees, travel expenses, and border crossing permits in exchange for his testimony.

If that case sounds eerily familiar it’s because of the continuing saga of two other border agents who are now serving 11 and 12 year prison terms for allegedly covering up the shooting of an illegal alien Mexican drug smuggler.

You and I both know that story has never smelled right and today we learn even more evidence that these two guys were railroaded by their own government. The Real Story is that a key Department of Homeland Security memo, a memo that casts serious doubt on the entire case, was apparently never given to defense attorneys.

Now let me tell you why that’s so important. All along, the government has based its entire prosecution on the supposed cover-up; that the agents destroyed evidence and failed to report the shooting to their supervisors. But here’s the problem…the DHS memo — the one that was withheld from the attorneys — says that nine OTHER agents, including two supervisors were, “at the location of the shooting incident, assisted in destroying evidence of the shooting, and/or knew or heard about the shooting.”

Wait; that doesn’t add up. If supervisors were THERE and KNEW about it, how could there be a cover-up?? Exactly. And if you add in the fact that three of those agents cited in the memo were then given immunity in exchange for their testimony and things really start to look like a set-up.

If you’re still sitting there thinking that none of this really matters anyway, then consider this. After the trial, jurors told the defense they didn’t believe the drug smuggler’s story at all; they said the only reason they convicted the agents was because they didn’t report the shooting to their supervisors. If that’s true — and I hate to use a bad pun, but this DHS memo is literally smoking gun evidence and these guys deserve a new trial.

I am not stupid; the American people are not stupid — we see exactly what’s going on. Yesterday it was Dog The Bounty Hunter and today it’s the border agents but the lies and cover ups and sweetheart deals can’t be hidden anymore because we demand answers; we demand and deserve the truth.


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