Saudi Arabia comes to ‘House of Chin’ for it’s intel…so should you!!!

Haha! Saudi Oil Companies use ‘House of Chin’ to get updates on our old pal “ImANutJob”.  This, coupled with our visitors from the House of Representatives makes us a ‘go to’ source!  Watch out Wolf Blitzer, you old hack.

Domain Name (Unknown) 
IP Address <redacted>(Saudi Arabian Oil Company)
Continent : Asia
Country : Saudi Arabia  (Facts)
State/Region : Ash Sharqiyah
City : Dhahran
Lat/Long : 26.3042, 50.1325 (Map)
Distance : 6,793 miles
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Javascript disabled
Last Page View Mar 4 2007 11:57:19 am
Page Views   1
Visit Entry Page http://sacredcow.wor…rike-in-gulf-states/

Too funny!



  1. dhahran saudi arabia

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  2. We live to serve.

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