Iran ready for strike in Gulf states

We figured we should keep you up to date on the maneuvering of our buddy Pres. ImANutJob. We’ve said along along that this isn’t going to be pretty. So here is your exit question for the day…

Question: If Iran has agents in the gulf states to attack American interests, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they have them here in the U.S. as well?

Discuss it here.

Iran ready for strike in Gulf states – World –

IRAN has trained secret networks of agents across the Gulf states to attack Western interests and incite civil unrest in the event of a military strike against its nuclear program, a former Iranian diplomat has revealed.

Spies working as teachers, doctors and nurses at Iranian-owned schools and hospitals have formed sleeper cells ready to be “unleashed” at the first sign of any serious threat to Tehran, it is claimed.

Trained by Iranian intelligence, they are also said to be recruiting fellow Shiites in the region, whose communities have traditionally been marginalised by the Gulf’s ruling Arab clans.

Were America or Israel to attack Iran, such cells would be instructed to foment long-dormant sectarian grievances and attack the extensive American and European business interests in wealth centres such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Such a scenario would bring chaos to the Gulf region, one of the few areas of the Middle East that remains prosperous and has largely pro-Western governments.

The claims have been made by Adel Assadinia, a former career diplomat who was Iran’s consul-general in Dubai and an adviser to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

They came as Sunni and Shiite heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed on Saturday to fight the spread of sectarian strife that threatens to spill over from their neighbour, Iraq.

Saudi King Abdullah held talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was on his first official trip to Saudi Arabia. A Saudi official said the Sunni Muslim kingdom would seek Shiite Iran’s help to ease sectarian tensions in Iraq erupting into full-blown civil war.


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