The Real Story: Follow the Money Trail

Glenn Beck is my God Damn Hero!!! This is the first in whole series about illegal immigration. And you’re going to get every damn one of them. And thats right, we going to call it what it is, Illegal Immigration!!! (ie.-Foreign nationals violating US sovereignty). We won’t be calling them ‘undocumented’ or ‘guest workers’ or ‘temporary’. We’ll call a spade a spade. Wake up America!!

The Real Story: Follow the Money Trail

So the NFL refused to run an ad for the U.S. border patrol in their Super Bowl program because it’s too controversial; Miller Brewing gave $30,000 to sponsor a pro-illegal immigrant demonstration and avoid boycotts of their beer, and Bank of America expanded a program for people without social security numbers to open checking accounts and obtain credit cards.

What do they all have in common? MONEY. These companies want the Hispanic market; they’re afraid of Hispanic boycotts and –worst of all– they know you won’t do anything about it.

But, quite honestly, stories like these are just the very tip of the iceberg…so this week I’m going to show you the whole thing — or, if you want to appeal to the Hispanic market, the whole enchilada. On Friday, I told you that I had planned to start naming the companies that are selling us out but as I thought about it this weekend I realized that a better first step would be to explain WHY that’s so important. The Real Story tonight is that companies don’t just benefit from SELLING products to illegal immigrants; they also benefit by using them to CREATE products as well. Cheap labor means large profits and, once again, Money Trumps Everything.

But how do these companies get away with it? After all, If you take away the crack dealers then there’s no more crack and eventually people stop coming to your street corner to buy drugs. So why aren’t we just shutting down the companies that supply the crack (these jobs) to illegals?

Well, the answer is that the very people who we’re counting on to STOP this problem — our politicians — are actually a major part OF the problem. About 8 years ago, the government actually decided to get tough on businesses hiring illegal workers and they performed two major raids. In the first one they targeted farm workers in Georgia and found over 4,000 illegal immigrants. In the second one they raided meatpacking plants in three states and found almost 4,500 more suspected illegal workers.

Guess what happened next? Onion crops went unpicked and meatpacking plants started to shut down. The farmers, sitting on a $90 million crop, used their political power with their Representatives, who in turn pressured Georgia’s Senators, who then complained to the INS. The raids quickly stopped.

In Nebraska, which was one of the targeted meatpacking states, Congress was all for the raids at first. Until the plants started shutting down.
Then, according to a former INS official, quote, “all hell broke lose.” Lobbyists were hired, the governor formed a task force and Senator Chuck Hagel complained to the Justice Department. The raids — which were so successful they were about to expand nationally — once again, quickly stopped.

In 1999, the government initiated fines against 417 companies for employing illegal immigrants. In 2004, they initiated three. You heard me right: three. The reason is pretty clear…Companies buy Congressmen, Congressmen have power and power controls policy. Cut out all the middle men and it’s simple: Companies control policy.

Meanwhile, Bank of America is hoping that this whole controversy goes away, but their silence and, frankly, their arrogance, is only making things worse. One prominent anti-illegal immigration group is now organizing a nationwide event called “Operation Bankrupt” that will hopefully send a very strong message to Bank of America management that people are not going to remain in their seats, they are going to fight back. You can find more information about that event by going to

It’s really too bad that I have to resort to telling you about boycotts to respond to companies like Bank of America, but their silence really leaves me no choice and, unfortunately for them — Americans are not going away, and neither am I.


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