Rules For Mailing Feces

I’ve never made a potty joke since we started the site. Well, there is a first time for everything.

Psst. Technically, this comes from The Jawa Report. So “I” , still have one potty joke left.

(Sanford, Florida) Seminole County Commissioner Mike McLean was sent a package of feces in the mail, presumably by a disconcerted, albeit regular, constituent. No threat was included.

With a measure of confidence, I’d suggest that McLean is not the first politician to receive lumpy criticism. Even so, there are rules regarding the transmittal of feces through the mail.

A Postal Service spokeswoman said the U.S. Postal Service prohibits sending feces through the mail except for medical or veterinary purposes, and in those instances the samples must meet rigorous packing and labeling requirements.Without some implied or written threat, however, a poop-filled package won’t get the sender in trouble on the first offense.

Well, how about that? First offense means no trouble.Now, that gives me an idea. What if a few million Americans exercised a one-shot opportunity to send a loaf of wishes to Venezuelan thug dictator Hugo Chavez? It would be simple. Merely take an envelope when visiting the hopper. Fill it and make sure that the packaging is rigorous. Don’t include a return address. Remember, no trouble if caught.


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