Islamic Radicals on Myspace

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Markedmanner Blog: Islamic Radicals on Myspace

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Islamic Radicals on Myspace

Here a few radical Islamist that I have found on Myspace.


He has this video posted on this page teaching about Jihad warfare against unbelievers:

Also if you take a look at the users profile on Youtube you will find a video of terrorist killing Americans CLICK HERE

Here is what this users “Who Id like” to meet says:
Who I’d like to meet:
NOT THESE SCARED AMERICAN PUPPETS!! call these men if you will they dont use logic like when you kill expect to be killed. So they scared 2 death cause they scared of death.. .. WOW there was a video that used to be here showing amerikkkan puppet’s in Iraq hiding under a bed in a house cornered and crying and terrified [unlike mujahideen] but it is now no longer available can you believe it ..>

Also in this blog post He talks about democracy and how horrible it is. This is just part of what he said:
“Democracy is the way of life of the Kuffaar (disbelievers) in which they believe, live their life by and are willing to die for. The US and UK are hailed as being the champions of democracy and are the most powerful and advanced nations in the world.”

He also has many other videos on his page didn’t have time to get to them all.


This profile is dedicated to a Islamic terrorist by the name of Hattab. He fought and killed Russian troops on there own soil as well. His groups was also responsible for an incident when kids at a Russian school were taken hostage and at least 16 of them killed. There is video on the profile that is a biography of this terrorists life.


This person has this quote on there page “ONLY DEATH CAN BRING SALVATION” This shows his love for death and that it will bring him salvation if he is a marytr

He has the above picture in his profile which is when the terrorist murdered the Israeli athletes at the Olympics in the 60s

He has this pictures showing his support Hezbollah

They have many other terrorist pictures on their profile. You can also look at all their pictures on their photobucket account here: Since they didn’t think to password protect it.

This person also has 2 videos one of shows people speaking of Jihad warfare and of the evil Jews. The other is a terrorist propaganda film showing terrorist training etc..


This profile is a music profile I believe it has audio from speeches gave by Hamas and Hezbollah leaders.

The above picture is this persons profile picture..

They also have a video of Terrorist propaganda showing Islamic terrorist launching rockets etc.


This profile is dedicated to a woman named LEILA KHALED who is an Islamic terrorist. She was part of a group that hijacked a plane from Rome to Athens in 1969. She even under went plastic surgery to try to hide her identity at one point. She also attempted to hijacked a plane in 1970 from Amsterdam to New York but air marshals stopped her.


This profile is profile that supports the Ezzedeen AL-Qassam Birages a terrorist group in Palestine. The profile has many propaganda films showing terrorist attacks. They even have a film that talks about the history of this terrorist group and they even give Quran and invoke the example of Muhammad to justify what they are doing. Here is the main website for this terrorist groups here:

Here is one of the images this person has on their profile:


More of the same here. More terrorist propaganda films and terrorist pictures. The photos are hosted from photobucket and you can view all of the persons photos here


Here is a quote from this persons page “I would like meet Bush and show him my home made AK-47 made by this Patan guy who’s locked up in my shed but that’s another story for another day.”


Once again more terrorist propaganda videos on this profile more of the same..




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  3. freaky shit

  4. Interesting information; looks cool.

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